Why Spend Christmas In St.Lucia

Wow, the year has gone by so quickly and it is almost time to plan your Christmas Travel. There are so many places in the world that you can visit, but why not get away from the snow and head on over to the Caribbean. More specifically, why not book your trip to the lovely island of St.Lucia. Here are a few reasons why we think you should choose St.Lucia for your Christmas vacation.

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The Festival Of Lights

The festival of lights is celebrated in St.Lucia around the Christmas season. It is usually hosted on the 13th of December. Locals and tourist come around to celebrate the official opening of the Christmas season. There are various activities to enjoy on that day, starting with some fireworks. You can see the town of Castries light up as the Christmas light go up. There are many different cuisines that are showcased on that day, come with an empty stomach and you will not be disappointed. There is also a lantern competition and the Christmas tree lighting to look forward to. This festival was meant to celebrate The Patron Saint Of Light St.Lucy, who the island of St.Lucia was named after.

Christmas in St.Lucia
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Bamboo Bursting

Bamboo bursting has become a tradition in St.Lucia. it is used to celebrate almost any festivity. From the ending of October, beginning of November, you can hear the sounds of the hallowed bamboo stalk. With a little Kerosine and a little blowing through a small hole local from all over the island open up the Christmas season with a big bang with the sound of the bamboo. This is a tradition that has been passed on throughout the years from the forefathers.

Christmas in St.Lucia

Resort Experiences

The resorts on the island have so much to offer in the Christmas season. If you do decide to stay in, don’t worry, you will still be part of some of the Christmas celebrations. The resorts are decorated with a variety of Christmas lights so you have your very own Christmas paradise. Depending on the vendors available at the time, there are a number of activities planned before the season. Guest are given the option to attend the local church services. Also, a special Christmas menu is prepared for that special day for lunch and dinner.

Christmas In St.Lucia
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Caribbean Cusine and All The Rum

The one thing the locals really get excited about is the food and the alcohol. This is the time where everyone comes out to show their best cuisines. There are many different types of food and drinks they use to celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season. The locals will prepare things like blood pudding, which is an acquired taste once you get used to it as it is blood and spices tied up in animal intestines and boiled. The island’s famous fruitcake has more alcohol than it has fruit. This takes many days to prepare as the fruits have to soak in the alcohol. There is also a sorrel drink that is prepared from the sorrel plant and is spiced up with cloves, nutmeg, and sugar to taste. This is great with or without alcohol.

Foods from St.Lucia
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No Snow!!!

Depending on where you are traveling from, I bet you are already tired of that winter snow. Just imagine yourself, on the warm island of St.Lucia, whiles your friends have their big winter coats. Getting back into the full swing of work after the summer, you already need a break. I don’t blame you. Who said summer only has to last 3 months for you. You deserve some more island heat around the Christmas holidays. Lay on the beach in that swimsuit you only wore twice this summer. Take advantage of all the travel deals for Christmas in St.Lucia as soon as possible, because the closer Christmas gets the higher the prices go.


St.Lucia is such an amazing island where you experience so many different things throughout the year. Try out Christmas in St.Lucia and let us know about your experience.

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