Travellers Guide to Vacationing and Dining in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia


Located in the Gros Islet quarter on the island of Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay is a destination promising you entertainment and recreation during your trip to the Caribbean. You will find yourself surrounded by white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters such as Reduit Beach, the most popular beach on the island. Rodney Bay is recognized as the island’s ultimate travel destination, featuring beachside stays, popular hotels, and a series of entertainment destination and commercial activities.


The nightlife is thriving and booming, with many unique qualities. You will also find Saint Lucia’s only casino, located upstairs at the Bay Walk Shopping Mall, allowing to have a diverse experience on your trip! Find yourself going to a strip of outdoor and indoor bars and nightclubs, experiencing the late night vibes. You won’t find yourself short of food options featuring an array of taste buds; local foods, Mexican, Indian, Chinese–all these meal choices at your fingertips from late. There’s so much to explore and many experiences to be had on Rodney Bay and I will guide you through them!


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Hotels to stay in Rodney Bay

Bay Gardens Resorts and Hotel

Bay Gardens Resorts and Hotel aims to provide the most authentic experience on your stay in Rodney Bay. It features four different hotels, with the same philosophy of making your stay ultimately warm, comfortable and enjoyable.

        Their all-inclusive hotels are well suited for a multitude of stays whether you’re celebrating love, gathering for a family getaway or a corporate retreat, your needs are guaranteed to be met. Their four properties are; Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa, Bay Gardens Hotel, Bay Gardens Inn, Bay Gardens Marina Haven. Whichever one you choose, expect a delectable stay with impeccable service and all-inclusive dining options.

Rodney bay in St. Lucia

Royal St. Lucia by Rex Resorts

Royal St. Lucia Resort is owned by Rex Resorts, who hold a reputation for their luscious and sophisticated resorts, they have been recognized for five years in a row (2014 to 2018) with a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. Royal St. Lucia’s 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, allows it to be recognized as one of the most excellent choices for accommodations near Rodney Bay. At Royal St. Lucia, you will find newly refurbished suites designed to be spacious and relaxing, to give you the ultimate vacation experience. Your experience will be peaceful and sophisticated, from the all-deluxe suite accommodated pampering spa to an array of dine-in food options.

Right outside your doors features an elegant view of the mile-long Reduit Beach and a backdrop of rainforest covered hills. Your mornings can begin with a delicious full buffet breakfast at L’Epicure, overlooking the sandy beaches and blue waters. You can also choose from a wide range of treatments aiding in deep relaxation and various styles of massages. Feel free to participate in water-sports, horse riding lessons, golf and many other tours and activities available at your leisure.

     In addition, the resort is very much welcoming as they include wheelchair accessible suites and facilities. The Royal is also children friendly, they offer a children’s club available on weekdays; allowing you the opportunity to relax and grab a cocktail by the serene waters. When you’re ready to go, they will be ready to welcome you!

resorts in Rodney bay St. Lucia
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Coco Palm Resort

At Coco Palm Resort, you are at the hands of passionate hosts! Your stay will be surrounded by entertainment and high-quality individualized service. Their team is like family, they’ve been recognized by TripAdvisor, Expedia, and among others, for the excellent service and experience. Their resort is designed with the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, this along with their Touch Tranquility Spa, guides you toward a harmonious and peaceful living environment.

      You get to experience pain specific massage service, couples services, spa packages facials, detoxes and many more. Their packages also include many entertaining activities such as beach basket lunch and water taxi to pigeon island. Whatever you decide to do, you can do it with a full sense of peace.

Rodney Bay St. Lucia


The Ginger Lily Hotel

The Ginger Lily Hotel identifies itself as ‘Saint Lucia’s best-kept secret’ and their down to earth rooms are definitely a gem. Recognized in 2016 as a certificate of excellence, their 11 bedroom space is spread across over half acre tropical grounds, allowing for an intimate and cozy stay.

       In addition, it is located a short walk from the famous Reduit Beach giving you an easy access to the popular location. The hotel features big rooms with kitchenettes and furnished balconies with hammocks and a free continental breakfast is included in your stay–everything’s meant to give you the most ideal stay!

Resorts in Rodney Bay St. Lucia


Things to do in Rodney Bay

Pigeon Island

Recognized as one of the most important monuments of Saint Lucia’s history, Pigeon Island is a must-see during your trip. It has been nurtured and carefully protected to tell important cultural history. 

        The site is completely stunning with an abundance of luscious greenery, the bluest skies, and waters. This national park is a must see in order to fully experience all that the island has to offer.

things to do in St.Lucia


Reduit Beach

Another must-see on the Island is Reduit Beach. People come from all over the world to experience these white sands and warm waters. You can plan to spend an entire day for a day of total relaxation.

        There are restaurants by the beach, accommodations available for rent and the sands feel as though they go on forever! Spend a peaceful day here with your family or a relaxing getaway, either way, you’ll be able to find a spot on the endless white sands and be in bliss.

Things to do in Rodney bay
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Fort Rodney

Fort Rodney is another historical site of Saint Lucia. It was built in 1778 as a strategic view of western approach during wartimes. Today, it is in ruins and is now recognized as a place to hike and explore the view, typically taken on the way to Pigeon Island. It allows a beautiful view of deep blue waters and greenery. There are also hotels in the area, allow for an easy morning hike!

things to do in Rodney bay St. Lucia


Baywalk Shopping Mall

Baywalk Shopping Mall offers a new and unique experience during your stay in Rodney Bay! It features over 70 stores and restaurants across two floors and a supermarket.

      There is also a booming nightlife incorporated through the Island’s only casino. The Mall is booming with energy and spirit, designed for a comfortable shopping experience.

Things to do in Rodney Bay St. Lucia
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Restaurants around Rodney Bay

Jacques Waterfront Dining

Recognized as one of Saint Lucia’s most popular restaurants, Jacques Waterfront Dining is an intimate and luxurious experience. The restaurant features delicious and comforting indigenous ingredients with fusions created by Chef Jacques. Chef traveled for 15 years and has been living on the Island for almost 9 years.

     His dishes feature local ingredients, promising you exquisite tastes; a fusion of French and Caribbean meals to indulge. It is located on the edge of the marina with a powerful view, caressed by beautiful gardens of Harmony Suites Hotel. You are invited to enjoy a bountiful meal with an enchanting view, what more could your getaway crave?


Spice of India

Located at the heart of Rodney Bay, Spice of India provides a mouthwatering experience to all who visit. Experience the dishes of renowned Chef Adil who brings to life a modern Indian style of cooking with traditional methods. You are promised sophisticated dining at the hands of 20 years of experience in the industry.

      Rating at 4.7 stars on Google and 2 of 20 places to eat in Rodney Bay by TripAdvisor, their menu incorporates traditional dishes with delectable choices, delivering dancing flavors along with your taste buds. Spice is always something you need in your life, especially while on holiday and this is where you will find it!

Restaurants in Rodney Bay St. Lucia


Pink Papaya

Imagine yourself on the island, wanting to satiate your hunger but also remain incorporated with the beauty of your environment; Pink Papaya is the place to dine to meet your needs. It is surrounded by luscious greenery, vibrating energy, and open concept dining. Pink Papaya offers a multi-cuisine, reflective of its space with a unique dining experience.

      You can board their water Taxi toward the restaurant, once you arrive you are greeted by a welcoming and professional staff. Their beautiful outdoor garden dining style space features live performances, great atmosphere, and a welcoming environment during your getaway.

Restaurants in Rodney bay st. lucia


Brown Sugar Restaurant and Bar

Brown Sugar Restaurant and Bar is a family-run spot overlooking the waterfront at Vigie Cove Marina in the Castries. You will find yourself at a tranquil garden setting, welcomed by a team that is dedicated to providing fresh and affordable Caribbean food and passionate service.

      Join them for lunch, romantic dinners, group dinners, or any special event! Rated at 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor, Brown Sugar is considered to be a hidden gem and a scenic dining experience!

resturants close to Rodney Bay St. Lucia

Rodney Bay upholds its reputation as the destination for entertainment on the island. It features an exciting nightlife, diverse and inclusive hotels. Wherever you go, you are sure to find something that will excite you, energize you and allow you to witness the full beauty of the island.

     Next time you’re planning your trip, make sure to add these locations on your list of places to visit and look into those wonderful accommodations I put together for you! If you’ve stayed at Rodney Bay, make sure to let me know what caught your eye!  

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