Top 11 Warm Places to Travel for Christmas Vacation

Christmas is around the corner and we are all getting ready to spend it with the family in the cold countries. Why not change it up this year. You have 6 months of cold and snow anyways, it won’t hurt to get a little sunshine for Christmas. You can still get a white Christmas with white sandy beaches, sunshine and an amazing tan. Should I say more? Here a list of countries that will make you wish you traveled every year for Christmas to a warm place.

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1. Jamaica

We all know Jamacia is known for its sweet reggae music, its warm Caribbean sunshine and just the great vibe of the people. People from all over the world travel to this warm island all during the summer vacations. This year why not make a change and travel to Jamacia for your Christmas vacation. 

Imagine yourself swaying to the sweet sound of Christmas reggae carols. Experiencing the different ways that the locals celebrate Christmas. The food at this time is always something that brings people together and where ever there is good food, people are usually happy, especially if there is rum involved. There are also some great all-inclusive deals so you won’t have to break the bank.  So book your Christmas vacation to Jamacia today, it isn’t too late!!!

Travel somewhere warm for Christmas

2. St.Lucia

St.Lucia, an island full of beautiful white sand beaches, a famous drive-in volcano, and so much culture. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your Christmas vacation on this paradise island? There are so many different things you can enjoy around Christmas in St.Lucia.

Come and enjoy the tradition of the bamboo bursting, the festivals of lights and the Lantern festival. Get a chance to visit many restaurants on the island with the dine around the island pass. You will not regret the local food at this time. There are many local drinks made around this time like sorrel and the famous spice rum. If you are not a big drinker, you will want to stay away from the spice. Check out some great deals for your all-inclusive Christmas vacation in St.Lucia.

Christmas In St.Lucia

3. Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is a celebration like no other. Their Christmas celebrations begin from December 12th to January 6th. Imagine laying on the beach in 30-degree weather, not worrying about the cold that is waiting for you back home.

Accommodation at this time in Mexico isn’t always on the high end and you can always find some great all-inclusive packages, especially if you are traveling from North America. The best place to stay at this time would be in Puerto Vallarta. It is known to be one of the safest places and a huge tourist attraction. What are you waiting for, get on it and book your Christmas vacation to Mexico right now!!!!

Travel to Mexico for Christmas


4. Belize

Christmas is right around the corner and you have not decided where you want to travel for your Christmas vacation. Here’s an idea, how about Belize. First off, you will be relaxing in an 80-degree weather. If that does not get you going as yet, I have got lots more to you.

As you walk the streets of Mexico you will hear the Christmas carols from the local bars and restaurants. This is a time where you will be packing on a few more pounds so getting into an activity like climbing the ancient pyramids could be something you can look into. Getting to know the locals and learning their ways, the different foods and languages can also be something you can enjoy on your Christmas vacation.

warm places to travel for christmas

5. Columbia

Columbia for your Christmas vacation. That sounds like an exciting idea. Columbia is a great place to travel to any time of the year, but traveling when its minus 30 in your hometown makes you appreciate it so much more. 

During the Christmas season, there are many festivities that go on like the Feria De Cali. This festival is celebrated between Christmas Day and Three Kings day (Jan.  6th) Imagining dancing to the sweet sound of Salsa music in the streets of Columbia. Meet new people, eating new foods and just having a whole new experience. I am ready to be sitting in a plus 30-degree weather. My ticket to Columbia for my Christmas Vacation, is already booked, what about you?

Christmas vacation in Columbia

6. Bahamas

Looking for an island adventure this Christmas. Trying to get out of the first bout of winter. The Bahamas is the perfect island for you. Why would you want to be bundled up in sweaters and scarfs in a minus 40-degree weather, when you can be in bikinis and drinking martinis on the beach in plus 30.

Feel like doing a little shopping whilst on your Christmas vacation, The Port Lacaya Marketplace is one of the biggest shopping centers and have some crazy sales during the Christmas season. You are sure to find everyone a gift on your list. Being on an island, you must visit the beach and get those perfect tan lines. The Bahamas is known for its white sandy beaches, take advantage whilst you can. Last but certainly not least, be sure to indulge in the different types of food dishes during Christmas. This is when the black cake is the best, so full of fruits and rum, lots and lots of rum so definitely give it a try. Ready to book your all-inclusive Christmas Vacation to the Bahamas yet? 

Christmas vacation in Bahamas
Source: Chicago Tribune

7. Bora Bora

Bora Bora, just the name of this place makes you feel at peace. Imaging living for 7 days in over the water bungalows, having people care for you and not have to worry about anything. Just sea and sand all around you. Is it already sounding amazing?

This could be how you spend your Christmas vacation. You have worked all year, taken care of everyone all year, this time is for you, so on Christmas day, take the jetski out on the water and just be free on the open water. Snorkel with the sharks and feed the stingrays. So many fun activities. Why would you want to be cooking a turkey when you could be relaxing in Bora Bora for your Christmas vacation.

Christmas Vacation in Bora Bora
Source: Travelzoo

8. South Africa

Here is something a bit different. Traveling to South Africa for your Christmas vacation. What excitement lies ahead. Well being in South Africa at this time there is so much to see and do.If you are looking for warm weather at this time of year, this would be the place for you. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas falls in their summer so you are looking at temperatures anywhere between 20 to 25 degrees Celcius.

Because if the warm weather you won’t be looking forward to a white Christmas. Instead, you will get to enjoy the blooming of beautiful wildflowers, the sound of carolers singing  Christmas carols and an array of different foods. Want to make things more exciting, why not plan a safari day, where you can go up close and personal to the animals in the world. Adrenaline rushing yet? I am excited, what about you?

Christmas vacation in South Africa

9. Barbados

Like any Caribbean island, Barbadians loves celebrating Christmas. It has become a part of a religious tradition. Being in Barbados for your Christmas vacation will make you feel you are back at home without the cold. Everyone comes together at this time as one family and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

Food is a big thing on Christmas day, like other Caribbean islands, there is always black cake at Christmas, Ham and lots of local fresh juices and rum blends, so be ready to try all these out. Spending your Christmas vacation here, you get to enjoy the warm weather, the beach, the warmness of the people and you get to experience a totally different culture at Christmas. I say go for it, just close your eyes and click that Christmas vacation to Barbados.

Christmas Vacation in Barbados

10. Morocco

If you are looking to stray away from the traditional Christmas celebration and try something different, then planning your Christmas vacation in Morocco is definitely something you should be doing. I know for years you have celebrated a white Christmas, this year, why not make it a blue Christmas, with some clear blue skies and warm weather.

Whilst in Morocco, you really want to have the feel of Christmas there are many different resorts who cater to tourist for Christmas in the bigger cities like Marrakech, Agadir, Fez, or Rabat, so you won’t have to miss out on the holiday spirit. If you are looking for a real getaway from everything, the smaller cities like Agadir, Mirleft or way south to Dhakla. It is not as warm to go for a swim at this time but it is cool enough not to be buried under a million sweaters and a bulky jacket. The decision is yours. Will you book your Christmas vacation to Morocco, or will you stay and tough out this winter’s cold.

Christmas vacation in Morocco

11. Dubai

Speaking about traveling to a warm place for your Christmas vacation, Dubai just might be the warmest place on this list. Although it is not as hot in December as it is during the year it can easily go up to 21 degrees but the beach temperature still stands at 23 degrees Celcius, so you can still get some beach time in there.

There are so many things to do whilst in Dubai. Missing home at Christmas, guess what, you can have a snow fight, well for the kids at Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Try watching some Camel racing at the Camel race track, that a bit different from your usual horse racing. Looking for some more stuff, how about learning how to make the perfect hot chocolate at Jones the Grocer. So many things to do whilst in Dubai. hope you get the chance to do them all.

Christmas vacation in Dubai

Here are the top 11 places we think you could visit this Christmas. So many different places in the world to put your footprints on, why not start with somewhere warm. Take a look at all these choices and feel free to add some of your favorite places to travel to at Christmas time. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019!!!!!

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