Top 11 Things to Pack for you Caribbean Cruise Ship Vacation

You have booked your Caribbean cruise-ship vacation for you and your family, now you find yourself asking what should I pack for this vacation. Don’t worry, I have come up with a checklist of things that you must have for your vacation. I know that every island that you stop on has something different to offer, I want to make sure you are prepared for each one.


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Snorkeling Gear

You are going on a Caribbean cruise, so snorkeling gear should be on the top of your list. There is water all around you. You don’t want to miss out on seeing all the wonders the Caribbean waters has to offer.

Things you need on a Caribbean Cruise



A camera is something you definitely don’t want to forget on your Caribbean Cruise. How will you save all these memories you are creating for you and your family. Plus you have to put these photos up on Instagram as well, so don’t forget both your camera and your Go Pro. 

Tgings to bring on a caribbean cruise


Extra Money

Don’t depend on your credit and debit card on your Caribbean cruise, always have some extra cash on hand. You are traveling through the Caribbean so the best currency to travel with would be USD, as it is used mostly through the Caribbean. You can also use currency fair to see the exchange rate whilst you travel.


Phone Chargers

Your portable phone chargers is something that you don’t want to forget. Getting off the Cruise ship and going into a foreign country, you always want to make sure you have your phone fully charged in case you need to book a day tour or you need to call the Cruise ship for an emergency. 



Although there are many activities to do on your Caribbean cruise, sometimes you just want to lay by the pool and read a good book. Having your kindle with you can avoid you having to carry to many heavy books, and can free up your luggage for more important stuff. 

thing to bring on a cruise ship


Resealable Plastic Bags

This is something you definitely need, for your Caribbean Cruise. On every island, I am sure you will want to visit the beach or some sort of water. That means wet swimsuits. You can always pick up your resealable plastic bags at your nearest dollar store.


Beach Toys for the Kids

Now that you have your Kindle, you need something to keep the kids busy as well. Make sure to pick up some beach toys before your trip. This is something that should be bought in advance because they are usually out only in the summer months. You can always try buying them online if it does slip your mind.

Things to bring on a cruise ship


Sunscreen and Insect Repellent 

On your Caribbean Cruise sunscreen and insect repellent is something that you can’t forget. You are going to be visiting tropical islands, so the sun gets pretty hot and that’s when the bugs come out. Keep yourself from getting burnt and bitten by being prepared.

things to bring on a cruise ship


Sun Hat and Sunglasses

Whilst on your Caribbean Cruise it can get really hot. Be prepared by having a sunhat to protect your head and sunglasses for your eyes. Having to walk around the islands you will definitely need those two things.


Rain Jacket or Umbrella

Being on a Caribbean island cruise, you will be visiting lots of tropical islands. You never know when you are going to get some liquid sunshine, so always be prepared with either your raincoat or your umbrella. Though the rain does not last long, you still don’t want to get caught in it.


Proper Shoes

If you have planned ahead and know exactly what you are going to do at each port, you need to have the right shoes. If you have planned a hike, you need some running shoes or just a stroll in the town, you can always carry some sandals. Although if you are going to be in the water, don’t forget your water-shoes

Things for a cruise ship


Now that you have gone through your checklist and you have everything that you need for your Caribbean Cruise, it is time to go an have some fun cruising on the ocean and taking in some long awaited fun. Please be sure to let us know all about your travels. We want to hear every bit of exciting detail you experienced.




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  1. This is such a useful list. I haven’t been on a cruise, but after visiting Clearwater, FL last week, I am convinced a cruise needs to be our next vacation. Since it always seems like we leave something at home, this list is great for making sure all the necessities are packed!

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