The Best time to go to St Lucia for a Vacation for a good time

Although St. Lucia welcomes its visitors all year round, there are ideal times of the year, when your St. Lucia vacation can be perfectly budgeted and fully enjoyed. The busiest and the most expensive time to vacation on this picturesque island would be from December to April. This is the time for school breaks and Christmas and New Years holidays, so expect excessive crowds during this time. Hotel rates are sky-rocketed and must be booked months in advance. Since this time of the year is considered a high-season, it is impossible to get anything reasonably priced. So when is the best time to go to St Lucia for a vacation

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When you should book your trip to St.Lucia

The best time to go to St Lucia for a Vacation is between the months of May and June during the island’s off-season. The lodging significantly drops down in price, offering good and very affordable discounted rates and the temperatures stay between 25-31 degrees Celsius (77-87 degrees Fahrenheit) without the humidity and with pleasant tropical breezes.

For music lovers, St. Lucia hosts a Jazz & Arts Festival in early May, definitely, a reason to combine your St. Lucia vacation with some music fun at this time.

If you are looking into saving even more and are not afraid of the Atlantic hurricane season that lasts through summer and fall months, then book your St. Lucia getaway anytime from July to November.

Hotel rates are significantly lower, the temperatures stay in the high 20s-low 30s degrees Celsius (77-87 degrees Fahrenheit), there are no long wait times for booking tours, activities, and restaurants, but the downfall is that there are high chances of showers in this off-season period.


What weather to expect traveling to St Lucia

Some of the key events in the off-season include the Carnival in June/July, the Billfish Tournament that takes place in September and the Chocolate Heritage Month in August just to name a few. Although the summer months are generally quieter, there is still plenty to do and to see to get the best out of your St. Lucia vacation.

St. Lucia enjoys a tropical climate and its weather during the slow season can get quite hot. Although the period from December through February is part of the high season for St. Lucia vacation, they are the coolest months of the year with the temperatures ranging between 25-27 degrees Celsius (77-80 degrees Fahrenheit).

The weather in St. Lucia starts to get warmer in March with the average temperatures of 26 degrees Celsius (78 degrees Fahrenheit). The weather during April and May becomes warmer and more enjoyable compared to the winter months, with the temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit).

June through August are the hottest months in St. Lucia. Temperatures during this time range from 25-31 degrees Celsius (77-88 degrees Fahrenheit) with a light, pleasant tropical breeze, while September and October are considered to be the most humid months of all but with the same temperatures as in the summer months.

If you are a fan of hot weather and a lot of sunshine, less the humidity levels, and rainfall, visit the island in November. The gorgeous lush scenery, picturesque beaches, and warm sunrays will make you want to stretch out your St. Lucia vacation longer.

Best time to go to St Lucia for a Vacation

As we conclude our posts, its safe to say the best time to go to St Lucia for a Vacation is between the months of May and June. You will get a better bargain. But overall, the island is beautiful and can be visited at any time. Keep activities in mind when choosing the best time to go to St Lucia for a Vacation. 

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