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Here is something a little different on St. Lucia Travels today. We have got a review from a very impressed traveler who wanted to make her then-girlfriend now fiance have an unforgettable proposal, which by her words was very satisfied. Serenity Vacations goes above and beyond for their clients. You don’t have to take my word for it, look what Yaz had to say about her time on the island and how Serenity Vacations made it unforgettable.

So, I’m literally in a scramble to figure out how to propose to my then girlfriend and to find a photography to capture the moment while we’re on vacation in St. Lucia. I stumbled across this blog and immediately reached out.

I received a response the same day referring me to Serenity Travel and Tours for event planning and photography. When I tell you they came in so clutch! Acacia and Hans both had great ideas for the proposal on a Sunset Cruise and the photos came out amazing.

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There were even some issues with the boat that I had reserved through my vacation club and Hans went above and beyond to help me get a new one with very little time to spare. Hans and Acacia also set us up for a last minute day sail to Soufriere the next morning. The views in St. Lucia are breathtaking, the food is great and the locals are very hospitable.

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Most everyone speaks English so don’t worry about any language barrier. Everything is relatively inexpensive so you get a bang for your buck and they accept USD! Several things we saw/enjoyed most were: Rodney Bay/Red Ray Beach where we jet-skied and parasailed, Pigeon Island where we climbed Fort Rodney, snorkeling at Anse La Raye, the Pitons, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia Mud Bath, the Waterfall/Botanical Gardens. St. Lucia is officially my favorite Caribbean island, no questions asked.

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We hope to see Yaz and her love for their wedding day in St. Lucia, in that special place where she showed the one that she loves how much she means to her.

Wanna book your proposal or any tours through Serenity Vacations? Email us at for some more information.

Sulphur Springs in St. Lucia

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