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  Is St. Lucia good for Honeymoon



St. Lucia has now been known as the number one honeymoon destination not only in the Caribbean but in the world.  What is it about this amazing island that keeps people coming back even after they have spent their honeymoon or had their wedding? Well, I can think of a few things. Follow me down this journey to see why you can do on the island of St. Lucia to have your perfect honeymoon.

How much is a honeymoon in St. Lucia?

This is always a big question when planning your honeymoon in St. Lucia. Most people believe it might cost over $4k, but honestly, it is all in the planning. If you plan your honeymoon in advance, look up the tours, try staying at a Villa or Airbnb instead of an all-inclusive resort, not only will you be saving but you will experience the fullness of the island not being secluded to just the resorts.  On the other hand, if you book your resorts in advance in the low season then you have a better chance to get an all-inclusive resort with all the perks at a cheaper rate.

 Best areas to stay in St. Lucia for your Honeymoon

To answer this question, we would have to know what type of honeymooner you are. Are you the type to have a quiet peaceful honeymoon, or do you want to just enjoy to the fullest with the street parties? Some people may love to have it all. So, I would say the best place to stay on the island is where your heart lies. If you want to be close to the main attraction, you should stay in the South of the island which is Soufriere or Gros Islet if you want to be where the party is.

Things to do on your Honeymoon

St. Lucia is an island with so much to offer. The lush green forest, the beautiful beaches, amazing food, and culture.  On your honeymoon in St. Lucia you want to visit the island like the locals. Take in the beauty of it not just from the resort but from the eyes of the people who actually live there. Here are a few things you should do on your honeymoon in St. Lucia.

Visit the Sulphur Springs

There is nothing better than getting down and dirty at the Sulphur springs for your honeymoon. Spend the morning in a basin of warm water streaming from the volcanic mountains. Lather yourselves with the Sulphur from the volcano. You will leave with your skin looking 10 years younger.

Toraille Waterfalls

After your warm mud bath, you will want to rinse off at the Toraille waterfalls.  To get to the falls you get the treat of walking through a small botanical garden.  The waterfall drops about 50 feet before dropping into the 8 cm pledge pool. The toraille waterfalls is also known as the best falls to take you honeymoon pictures to keep your friends want to visit the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

Visit the Beaches

St. Lucia is known for its black and white sand beaches. So many beaches to visit all around the island depending on what you are looking to do. If you just want a relaxing day on the beach the beaches close to marigot Bay would be your best choice. You can also try Vigie beach, close to the George FL. Charles airport. People normally ask if St. Lucia is good for snorkeling. The best beach for snorkeling would be at Anse Chasetenet. There are so many beaches to visit on the island, for more beaches you can check out ……

Climb the Pitons

This is something that I think every couple should do, especially as they begin their new lives together. Climbing the Gros Piton or Petit Piton will be a test of your strength together. The 2 hour climb uphill is not for the weak at heart. You must love to hike and be physically equip for this climb. Once you do this climb you will not regret it, because the view from up top just takes your breath away.

Visit Tet Paul

If intense hiking isn’t your thing but you do enjoy the beautiful scenery, try the Tet Paul trail. This is an easier a moderate hike compared to the pitons. The climb is about 45 minutes long but not a tedious one. It’s best to take a guided as you will be helped by knowledgeable staff along the way.

Mingle with the Locals

If you want the real feel of the island, the locals are the best people to get information from. If you befriend them they will give you all the tricks of the island. They will tell you about the best places to eat, where to shop, which parties you should visit and so much more. Where better to get information than the people who live right on the island.

Gros Ilet Steet Party

If you are looking for some island fun, then you should try out the Gros Islet Street Party. Get ready to enjoy some local food along the street side. BBQ Chicken, Fish, seafood and so much more, and to top it off some local fruit juices. That’s not all, you get to dance the night away to some sweet Caribbean music. What a way to spend your evening with your forever love.

Make sure to have some Coconut Water

There is nothing better than a refreshing drink of coconut water straight from the coconut whiles sightseeing on the island of St. Lucia. They are usually sold at every corner, you can’t miss it.

Splash Island Waterpark

There is no better way to start your honeymoon on the island of St. Lucia than just being young again. Visit the Splash island Waterpark at the Reduit beach. If you are staying at the Bay Gardens resort, they actually give you a free day pass to have some fun in the sun.

Have Lunch at the Dasheen Restaurant

The Dasheen Restaurant at the Ladera Resort is somewhere you want to spend the afternoon. The view of the pitons from the restaurant is breathtaking and the local homemade food and drinks will KEEP YOU MISSING ST. LUCIA when you leave.

Honeymoon Hotels in St. Lucia

The resorts in St. Lucia make up a big part of your honeymoon. At the end of the day all you want to do on your honeymoon is to be with the one you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you want them all to yourself. Here are a few resorts to choose from that will let you do just that.

Jade Mountain

There is a reason why Jade Mountain would be at the top of this list. Not only is it known for one of the sexiest Caribbean honeymoon resorts, but it was built by an architectural genius who owns some other amazing resorts on the island. It has a 3-wall concept with an open-air space that gives you a view of the magnificent Pitons when you wake up.

Ladera Resort

Ladera Resort was made for honeymoons. This resort also has an open-air 3 wall room concept. Some of the rooms come with 2 floors where your bed and bathroom are on the first floor and your very own infinity pool and bar and the second floor. This is a resort you won’t ever want to leave the room, but you should, just to try out the famous dasheen restaurant.

Rendevouz Resort

The name alone says it all. Rendevouz with your special someone at one of St. Lucia’s best honeymoon resort. This all-inclusive Honeymoon resort is just a short distance from Castries, St. Lucia’s capital. The beauty of this hotel lays within the white sand beach and the beautiful botanical gardens. This is perfect for honeymooners because of their private cottages on the beach made just for 2.

Stonefield Villa Resort

Stonefield Resort, this one was made for two people beginning their journey of life together. It is very secluded, yet it is in the heart of all of St. Lucia’s tourist attractions. This resort has privacy at its best. You have a private hammock, private pool, garden showers and so much more.

Serenity at Coconut Bay

Serenity at Coconut Bay is a part of Coconut bay that was built just for honeymooners. Imagine having your own private villa where you get your very own plunge pool with a waterfall feature, butler service provided to you. The best part is that it is all-inclusive, so you don’t have to leave the resort for food if you don’t want to.

What you may need to book before your honeymoon in St. Lucia

When you finally get to your honeymoon destination in St. Lucia, the last thing you want to do is look to look up things to do. Booking in advance allows you to save time and money.  Getting your tour, transportation and accommodation ready before you get there gives you ample time to spend with the one that you love.

Accommodations on a Budget

Planning your honeymoon in St. Lucia does not have to cost your all your body parts. As a matter a fact you should spend less on accommodation and more on the memories/ Souvenirs that will be taking back with you. Here’s a list of affordable resorts and guest houses we have come up with.

Boutique Hotels

Coco Palm Resort

Crystals St. Lucia

Fond Doux Plantation and Resort 

Habor Club St. Lucia Curio Collection by Hilton

Tet Rouge Resort

Ti Kaye Resort and Spa

Villa Beach Cottages

Marigot Beach Club Dive Resort


Apartment Rentals

Apartment Espoir

Balenbouche Estate 

Beachcross Villa Apartments

Belle Kaye

Blue Skies Apartments

Four Springs Villa

Fox Grove Inn

Grandtosh Apartments

Heritage House

Inn on The Bay

Jj’s Paradise

Poinsettia Villa Apartments

Samifi Gardens

Top of the World Apartments

Tropical Breeze Guesthouse and Apartments

There are so many things to do when you choose St. Lucia as your honeymoon destination.  The island may be small but it has big, history, culture and the people just make the island so much better. Don’t miss out on what could be the best honeymoon you could think of. Trust me when I say you will keep wanting to come back to St. Lucia even after the honeymoon is over.

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