Destination Wedding with HoneyFund

About Honeyfund

Honeyfund is a company where you can plan your wedding and your destination with a click of a button. It is a website where couples can raise funds for their dream wedding. It is a place where family and friends can come together to plan the perfect trip for their loved ones or even plan a group journey. Honeyfund makes planning your destination easy, especially when you run a pretty tight ship.

Honeyfund Gift card

Sometimes, you just can’t figure out what to give a couple for their destination wedding, especially if they’ve already been living together. That’s where the honeyfund gift card comes in. The great thing about honeyfund is that you have a variety of gift cards to choose from. It’s like giving a gift that you can choose from. There is a gift card from airfare, dining and even tours for your destination. The honeyfund gift card is a gift you should definitely go to when you just don’t know what to give to the couple who already has everything.

Start your honeymoon fund

Thinking about the greatest gift to give your engaged friend? Why not start up a honeymoon fund? Starting a new life together can become expensive, with a new house, maybe a baby and so many other things. Giving them a chance to begin in that honeymoon face could be the best gift you can offer. Starting a honeymoon fund with honeyfund allows your friends not to have to worry about the expenses of a honeymoon and start focusing on the new life that is ahead of them.

The Honeyfund blog

Having honeyfund to plan your wedding is like having a wedding planner without the costly fees. The blog offers tips on where to go for the best destinations, and what to do whiles there. It even helps plan for life after the wedding so that you don’t fall into debt just for that one big special day. It also has tips to help you be stress-free on your big day. Your wedding day does not have to make you pull out your hair. It should be a day of love, joy and looking forward to a great future. Let honeyfund do that for you.


Honeyfund Partners

Honeyfund has many partners that they work with to make your wedding day seamless. Sandals resorts are known to be the best Caribbean resorts for honeymoon destinations. If you are someone who likes the great outdoors you would love the partnership with REI coop. They have the best hiking packages available. There are many hotels across the world that are affiliated with honeyfund.

A Luxury, All-Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoon in St. Lucia

So many possibilities with honeyfund as your number 1 website to plan your destination wedding, or just plan a simple destination. Let your family and friends pay off your flight to St. Lucia from Miami with only 18 $100 payments. That’s just 18 guests at your wedding. Pay for one of the tours with the many gift cards available to you from honeyfund.

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