Curacao is an idyllic island in the southern Caribbean known for its serene coved beaches, marine life, and stunning architecture. The Island has been attracting international visitors for many years, recording a growth rate of over 7% for stopover visitors and 23% for Cruise Ship visitors in the first five months of 2018. Curacao continues to grow as one of the premier destinations in the southern Caribbean, and we will highlight some of the reasons why a trip to Curacao is an excellent option for your next Caribbean vacation.

Accommodation in Curacao

Curacao is home to several accommodations options ranging from top-notch all-inclusive resorts to cozy and intimate AirBnB stays, you can find the accommodation option that perfectly suits what you are looking for in Curacao. Here are some of the top hotels and AirBnB’s on the Island.

Hotels In Curacao

Sunscape Curacao

Sunscape Curacao is located on a stunning beach in the scenic capital city of Willemstad. This enchanting resort offers 341 well-appointed rooms and suites, a relaxing spa, myriad of activities for children and adults alike, four world-class restaurants, a wide array of watersports and an exciting casino for your ultimate enjoyment.

Sunscape Curacao is perfect for a family vacation due to the many children-specific activities that the resort offers. It is also a great spot for an all-inclusive getaway for just about anyone who wants to relax and enjoy a cocktail on a beautiful Caribbean beach or be entertained by some of the best local performers on the Island.

Sunscape Curacao is definitely one of the recommended options that you can consider when next you visit Curacao.


Santa Barbara Curacao

Located on 2000 acres of prime beachfront in Porta Blancu Curacao is the stunning Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort.

This luxurious property offers a wide array of rooms and suites and also a stunning 18-hole golf course that has constantly been voted the best golf course in the Caribbean. The resort also offers four well-appointed restaurants, an opulent spa and several onsite activities such as tennis and several water-based activities.

There is also a kids club called Camp Arawak that accommodates children between the ages of 4 and 12, allowing parents to get some rest and relaxation.

The Santa Barbara Resort is a great option for the entire family, for couples seeking some time away at a luxurious retreat, for avid golfers and to host events such as destination weddings.

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Avila Beach Hotel Curacao

The Avila Beach Hotel is centrally located in the heart of Willemstad and has the distinction of being the longest operational resort in Curacao. The resort has a long and colorful history that you will learn about when you visit.

The Avila Beach Hotel offers several room categories for you to choose from depending on the needs of your family.

The property offers over six restaurants and bars for you to choose from, a stunning spa and fitness center and several wedding and honeymoon packages.

The staff at the resort are also committed to the total satisfaction of all guests, this level of service makes you feel totally at home and experience at the Avila Beach Hotel will surely be one that you remember!



Amigunan Tropisch Mini Resort

The Amigunan Tropisch is an idyllic homestay in Willemstad that offers three apartments, each with two massive bedrooms and bathrooms that can easily accommodate four guests.

There is a large kitchen and a Barbecue available for your usage.

This private AirBnB is located less than fifteen minutes away from the town center of Willemstad and is a great place to stay if you want to experience an authentic Curacao experience in a private and relaxing setting.

The Amigunan Tropisch is perfect for small families and couples getaways.


Caribbean Beach Resort 11

Caribbean Beach Resort is a two-bedroom villa located in a gated community in Willemstad, just five minutes away alluring beaches and from the town of Otrobanda which is home to several restaurants and activities.

A swimming pool, kitchen, and free WiFi are also included in your stay at Caribbean Beach Resort.

This is the perfect place for you to stay if you want to be close to all the activities, but do not want to stay at a large resort.


Villa Seru Grandi Curacao

Villa Seru Grandi is a beautiful three-bedroom, two bathroom villa located in Grote Berg Curacao. It is just a fifteen-minute drive away from the alluring Porto Marie Beach and central Willemstad.

The space includes a private pool, fully equipped kitchen, outdoor barbecue facilities, and complimentary WiFi throughout the property.

Villa Seru Grandi is just five minutes away from top-notch restaurants and a myriad of water activities. The Curacao International Airport is just five minutes away, which makes Villa Seru Grandi easily accessible.

This is an ideal place to stay if you seek relaxation and peace of mind in a tranquil tropical setting.


Things to do in Curacao

Curacao is a beautiful Caribbean destination that offers so much to the discerning traveler. We will highlight some of the experiences that should not be missed when you visit Curacao.


Curacao is a small island surrounded by water, and this means that a beach is never far away regardless of where you on the Island! Some of the best beaches to visit includes; Blue Bay Beach, Porto Marie Beach, Playa Kenepa Beach, Playa Kalki Beach, Mambo Beach and Klein Curacao Beach.

All of these beaches are pristine, with stunning powdery white sands, if you don’t mind been around people is looking for a vibrant beach with lots of activities, the Blue Bay, Porto Marie, and Mambo beaches are great options.

If you crave more seclusion, you can go with the unspoiled Klein Curacao Beach, the Play Kenepa or Playa Kalki Beach.

If you are on the island for a few days, it is a great idea to check out these and other stunning beaches that are available to you in Curacao, you will surely enjoy the experience!


Water activities for All

If you enjoy getting out into the ocean and looking for some fun activities in Curacao, then this is the perfect destination to do so!

You can go snorkeling or diving to discover the beautiful underwater flora and fauna that is present on the Island.

Curacao is home to some of the best coral reefs in the Caribbean. You can also go on a catamaran cruise, go kayaking, paddle boarding, or just go for a swim in the crystal clear waters.

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Visit the National Parks

There are a couple of fascinating National Parks on the island that is worth a visit. These are the Shete Boka National Park and the Christoffel National Park.

The Christoffel National Park includes over 450 plant and animal species and is home to the endangered Curacao white-tailed deer and barn owls.

You can explore this scenic and rugged landscape by hiking, or if you want a more thrilling experience, you can try mountain biking through the rugged terrain.

For a panoramic view of the entire island of Curacao, you can climb to the top of the Christoffel Mountain which is located within the park.

The Shete Boka National Park is another natural wonder on the alluring island of Curacao. The park stretches for over six miles across the northern coast of Curacao and is home to several species of Sea Turtles due to the presence of over ten sheltered bays.

When you visit the Shete Boka National Park, the Boka Tabla underground cave and the Boka Pistol peak which affords panoramic views of the island, are sites not to miss.

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Things to do off a Cruise Ship in Curacao

The fact that Curacao is such a small island allows you to enjoy several activities in a short period if you are stopping on the Island for a day off a cruise ship.

One of the things that you should not miss is strolling around the picturesque town of Willemstad. The town is populated with colorful buildings which highlight the Dutch heritage of Curacao.

Some of the sites not to miss in the city are the old synagogue and merchant houses, the Queen Emma Bridge and the Dushi and Curacao signage. 

You should also take some time out to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site called Punda, which is located within Willemstad and is home to the unique Floating Market.

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Another interesting activity to do off a cruise ship is to visit one of the museums in Curacao which chronicles the history of the Island.

Some of the recommended museums to visit are Kura Hulanda and the Savonet Museums. A visit to one of these museums will give some perspective about the history of the island, and you will develop a greater appreciation for the culture and values of Curacao.

You can also visit the Alma Blou Art Gallery or visit Curacao’s Sea Aquarium for some more fun-filled activities.

  By and large, when you visit Curacao off a cruise ship, you will have a myriad of unique activities to choose from which will make your stop on the island a memorable one.

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Best Places to Eat in Curacao

Curacao is home to some top quality dining options, offering both local and international cuisines.

Some of the island’s best restaurants are; Sol Food Restaurant, Zanzibar Beach and Restaurant, Tabooshh Restaurant, Kome Restaurant, Trio Penotti, and Chill Beach Bar and Grill.

Shopping in Curacao

When you visit Curacao, there are shopping facilities available where you can grab that souvenir item for a friend or family member.

Some of the best places to shop include the Renaissance Mall and Rif Fort, Island Treasures Souvenir Store, Memories Curacao, Zuikertuin Mall, Sambil Curacao Mall, Diamond International, Freeport Jewellers, and Bloempot Shopping Center.

Curacao is one of the most beautiful islands in The ABC Islands. So many things to do, so many places to visit. Take time to visit this amazing island. You won’t regret it.

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