Cheaper Possibilities to Save Money When Travelling in a Group

Its that time of year again, and all your friend are itching to travel. This is the perfect time to plan that group trip you have been talking about all year. I know you’re thinking, that can get pretty expensive quickly. Don’t worry, we got you covered with some great alternatives to help you have fun and not break the bank with your friends.

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1. Ditch the Hotels

There are so many options where you can use to lay your head on vacation, so why would you spend an arm and a leg on an expensive resort. Staying at an Airbnb will help you save money in so many ways. Instead of you paying a full price for one hotel room, you can all split the cost of the Airbnb and pay almost next to nothing.

If you want a bit more luxury for your vacation, you can also try some guest houses or villas. These come with their very own pool, and if you don’t feel like preparing your own meal most of them come with a hired chef which the cost can easily be split between the group.

Ways to save money with your group Travels
Source: Airbnb


2. Become Your Own Travel Agent 

Having a travel agent comes with a fee, so why are you paying someone for something you can easily do yourself. Now I know you’re gonna tell me that it saves time, but here is where I can make it very simple for you.

Signing up for different travel sites helps you cut down the time because you won’t be the ones searching for great deals. You just have to sit and wait for that amazing deal to your destination. Expedia, for instance, will have great deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. You bundle all that in one and you are splitting most of the cost.

Tripadvisor helps you with the best prices from many different booking sites and will let you know which one has the cheapest deals. This is all done by just you signing up and with a click of a button, your group travel can be a stressfree plan.

3. Hire a taxi and split the cost

Traveling by itself can become very expensive. If you have to add renting a car for your travel plus all the gas you will use, you will probably spend a little more than expected. The best alternative would be to hire a taxi for the week, and because you are traveling in a group, the cost is not per person so the payment can be split between you.

Plus you get the luxury to be driven around and really enjoy your vacation. Being that the taxi driver is a local they can direct you to some of the best hidden gems on your destination. And on the plus side, everyone can enjoy a drink or five without having to worry about who is going to be the designated driver.

Group Travels
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4. Free Activities with Your Friends

There is something about free stuff that makes it more fun to do.  Before you head to your travels, always google the free stuff to do with your friends. Trust me they will thank you for it.Make up a list of places you can go to without having to put a hole in your pocket. No one likes to be broke on vacation.

The beaches are always a great place to start. Usually doing outdoor activities like hiking and just visiting the city helps you really explore and sometimes you can find things that you would not have found on a paid tour. Look up tours and talk to the locals to figure out how to do it on your own. I am sure the would be more than happy to help.

Group Travel

5. Carry Snacks For Your Outings

Being out all day in a city or country that you don’t know can get tiring, and will most likely get hungry. Try to bring along with you some snack that will help you till dinner. It’s best to carry snacks from your country as you might not know how expensive it can be when you travel.

Carry lots of water with you especially if you are traveling somewhere warm. Places like Hawaii, a case of water can cost almost $6. I don’t know about you but for me, that was almost highway robbery. You want to spend your money on things you can take back to remember your travels so buy cutting down the cost of food snacks, puts an extra dollar in your pocket for the important stuff.

group Travel
Source: Business Travel Life

6. Avoid Tourist Areas

These places can be the biggest traps for tourists. You spend twice as much money for something you could get for half the price in another small boutique. Get friendly with the locals, they will show you the best places to find all your little trinkets.

Also if you are buying lots of stuff, depending on who you are buying from, there is always a deal you can work out. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know as a group you will be spending lots so if they could help you save something, that would be kindly appreciated.


7. Open up a Shared Travel Spending Account

Another way to save money when traveling in a group is to open up a shared savings account. Within the year the group should contribute the same amount of funds, weekly or monthly to help with all the vacation needs like food, activities, gas, if there is a rental car and so on.

When you are finally ready to go on your trip you can easily put that money on a prepaid card and just like that your vacation has become worried free. It makes it simple and easy, and no one has to worry about paying the gas bill at the last minute and also having to pay for some fun on their vacation.

Group Travel
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Having these tips can be really helpful when traveling with a group. Having fun with your friends should be the number one priority on your trip, so don’t let the fact that things can become expensive spoil that. Hope you have fun and tell us all about your travels!!!!





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