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Castries City Walking Tour

What are the best things to do in St. Lucia

This is the biggest question everyone asks when traveling to St. Lucia. What are the best things to do in St. Lucia, or what can we do off the cruise ship in St. Lucia. Well, I can tell you that the Castries walking tour is one of the best things to do when traveling to St. Lucia. You get to learn some amazing history of the beautiful island. How the French and English fought for her and how the English won in the end. Why we still have some French heritage and why we celebrate certain things on the island. You will even get to eat some fresh local food and see some amazing handmade crafts in the city of Castries. Are you ready to see Castries in a whole new way  Book with us to get the experience of a lifetime.


Castries City Walking Tours

Castries is the capital city of the alluring Island of St. Lucia and is filled with exciting attractions and experiences for the discerning traveler. Whether your interest is in unspoiled beaches, captivating cultural attractions, a varied mixture of French and Victorian architecture, fascinating history, top-notch shopping, and delectable local culinary delights. You can experience all that Castries has to offer by partaking in a Castries City Walking Tour. This is essentially three tours in one that captures the essence of the amazing town of Castries.


Castries History Tour

The Tour first provides a guided experience of the history of the city of Castries, done by an experienced local guide who knows all the intricate details about the city. You will learn about how the town got its name, the many historical buildings in the city and also learn about the British and French influence on the city. The Tour is also extremely interactive, allowing you to speak with locals as they go about their regular day to day business, giving you a feel of what life is like in this laidback Caribbean city.

Tour Highlights

  • Experienced Tour Guide
  • Exploring historic sites in Castries
  • Learning the history of Castries
  • Interact with the localsSt. Lucia History


Castries Shopping Tour

After learning about the rich history and cultural heritage of the island, you will then move on to the shopping experience of a lifetime. You will explore a wide variety of local products from craft items, pottery, local rums, and other liquor to jewelry another unique souvenirs. You will stop at the local craft market and other shopping facilities throughout the city to see all the unique items that Castries has to offer and also to grab your favorite item for your memories. After all, when you visit such a unique city, there is no way that you should leave without your own “little piece” of memory. In Castries, you will have so much to choose from since you are taken to the best and most unique shopping facilities in the alluring city. Your tour guides are also extremely knowledgeable about the best options that are available to you, which makes it so much easier to find the perfect souvenir. We look forward to hosting you on this exciting Shopping Tour!

Tour Highlights

  • Shop in traditional local markets and duty-free stores
  • Opportunity to purchase locally made souvenirs

Taste of Castries Tour

You will finish your walking tour of the city by doing a Food Tour which your taste buds will love! You will sample all of the best St. Lucian dishes which is a wide variety of African, Asian, European and Indian cuisine, merging to form flavourful and spicy dishes that are extremely tasty. Some of the dishes that you will sample include green fig and saltfish, Bouyon, Lambi, Lobster, pepper pot stews, and Fry Bakes. This is the only Tour in the city of Castries that allows you to sample such a wide variety of local delicacies which makes it a tour not to miss!


  • Taste and enjoy the authentic local cuisine
  • Learn how to prepare local dishes
  • Learn the history behind St. Lucia’s Food
  • Experienced Tour Guide

What to eat in St. Lucia


So, go ahead and book the Castries City Walking Tour, you will learn about the history of the city and its rich cultural heritage. You will also get the opportunity to purchase your favorite souvenir item and also enjoy the delectable traditional food that Castries has to offer. This Tour offers you three experiences in one and is a perfect way to discover what the city of Castries is all about!

Tour Duration

  • Approximately 3-hours



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