Carnival In St.Lucia

St.Lucia is known for is lush green forest , beautiful beaches and amazing people. One of the things that the people on the island look forward to every year, is to celebrate  the St.Lucia Carnival. If you are one who loves sexy costumes , soca music , and dancing in the street till you can’t feel you feet , then this is definitely a festival for you. 

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History of Carnival

The St.Lucian carnival was created to honour the Catholic and African heritage of St.Lucia. It was celebrated in the lent season but was moved in the early 90’s to the month of July, so that it would not coincide with the Trinidadian Carnival in February. It is a two day festival where  revealers dance in the street displaying their colorful costumes ,  dancing to the sweet sound of the steel pan and soca music.Locals along with people from all over the world  drink and dance under the sweet St.Lucia sun and enjoy two days of complete happiness.

The Festivities

Although Carnival is celebrated on July 16th and 17th , the festivities begin way before that . In the weeks leading up to this jump up in the street , there are numerous activities to help the revealers pump up for Carnival. Some of the popular events are The calypso monarch and The Carnival Queen show.The calypso Monarch is where the best calypsonians come together to compete in numerous competitions , where their talents for music are are tested against  each other. The  Carnival queen show is where  8 of the most talented , beautiful women compete for the title of Carnival Queen.

The Costumes

This year carnival will be celebrated from July 16th and 17th, where all the revealers from different bands dance in the street and showcase their vibrant costumes in their different bands. There are so many  different bands and customes to choose from this year. Here is a list of some of these amazing costumes you can sign up for .


Just for Fun 

St.Lucia Carnival


Asari Tribe

St.Lucia Carnival


Fuzion Mars

St.Lucia Carnival


Insaniti Carnival

StLucia Carnival

The party isn’t done yet. After the Carnival , there are always band parties if you are not to tired from the jump up.Feeling that soca fever yet , get ready to heat up and whine down in the street. For more information on carnival visit the National Tourist Board website.












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  1. awwww sounds fun for the carnival in summer. I usually join the carnival in winter and everyone were celebrating in the city center with lighting.

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