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Best Foods You Must Try on The Island of St.Lucia

The Caribbean is known for it flavourful food. Each Caribbean country has a different variety of food to offer with different styles of cooking. St.Lucia has a number of mouthwatering tasty foods. We have come up with a list of delicious dishes we think you must try on your travel to St.Lucia.

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Green Fig and Saltfish

Green Fig and Saltfish is St.Lucia’s national dish. This dish is usually served at events which celebrate the country’s culture such as Creole Day ( Jounen Creole). This dish is made up of St.Lucia’s largest export green bananas and salted or codfish which is stewed with some peppers and onions. The bananas are not sweet so adding the saltfish to it gives it a taste that will have your taste buds going wild. So if you are visiting St.Lucia, make sure to add this flavourful dish to your meal plans.

Foods from St.Lucia
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Fried Plantain

Fried plantain is one of the locals favorite dish. It can be eaten as a snack or added to your meal. It is usually served at various local restaurants, where salt is sprinkled over it before it is fried up in coconut oil. So whether you are just chilling on the beach or having your lunch at a restaurant, this sweet-savory dish is something you must definitely try before leaving the island of St.Lucia.

Must try foods in St.lucia

Accra (Fish Cake)

This delicious dish is usually served for breakfast in St.Lucia. It is made with salt fish and different spices fried up in some flour batter. This can be a very spicy dish,  so if someone is preparing it for you, you can always ask for less spice. Having this dish with a nice hot cup of cocoa tea (chocolate tea) will make your experience even better. So don’t let your taste buds miss out on this treat.

Foods in St.Lucia
Source: The Caribbean Dictionary


Green Fig Salad

This dish like the green fig and salt fish is made with green banana and salt fish or codfish but made differently. This dish screams St.Lucia all over. This is made almost like potato salad. It has a mixture of green cooking bananas mixed with boiled codfish and some fresh seasoning. This is definitely a dish for a day on the beach. After a long day of swimming, this will definitely satisfy your hunger. So don’t miss out on one of the local’s favorite dishes.

Foods from St.Lucia
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This dish is really one of St.Lucia’s most popular Creole dishes. It really brings out the culture of St.Lucia. Experience having this food at the many creole functions like creole day. This would be served in a calabash bowl. This flavourful soup is made with different herbs, spices, red beans, and dumplings. It goes best with pigtail but you can also add any meat of your choice.

Food from St.Lucia
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Being on an island surrounded by water, you will always have fresh seafood. You can expect anything from lobster, grilled fish and a number of different kinds of seafood. The best seafood can be found at Anse La Raye fish Friday. An event held every Friday night where you can choose from a variety of seafood and have a night of fun and music. The hotels also offer an array of seafood but if you really want the real St.Lucian flavor, the best places would be from the street vendors.

Foods from St.Lucia

St.Lucian Rum Punch

In the Caribean, we are famous for our rum. The rum plays a big part in the culture of the islands. In St.Lucia we specialize in many different drinks but one of the favorites is the St.Lucian Rum Punch. This punch is made with orange juice, lime juice, bitters, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum. Because of its sweet taste, you can have glass after glass, but don’t let that fool you because if you are a lightweight with your alcohol, this will definitely get to you. 

foods from St.Lucia
Source: One Lucian News

Here are the foods we think that you will enjoy whiles on you travel to St.Lucia. Be sure to let us know if there are any other foods you have tried whiles on your vacation on the island, and you would love to share with us.

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