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Wow, we are almost halfway through 2019, where does the time go?

We have made it through the winter and into the warm weathers of spring. Summertime is around the corner, and you know what that means its travel time.

The kids are off school, you have some vacation that needs to be used up, and you just want to wash away this dreadful winter off of you. Here’s an idea, why not take a trip to the Caribbean.

Where in the Caribbean you may ask, well let’s take a look and see which Caribbean islands are calling your name this summer. I have put together a list of islands that I think you should visit this summer.

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Here we go….

St. Lucia

Just looking at all the beautiful places on this amazing island, do I really have to convince you to get here.

Well, let me give try. St. Lucia is a very small island and because of that everywhere you turn, you will have the most amazing view, whether it’s the greenery of the island or the view of the beach, there is always a site to see.

The View of st.Lucia
Source: Jade Mountain

 St. Lucia Resorts

Resorts are a dime a dozen in St. Lucia and everyone you stay at gives you a different experience, the warmness, and smiles of the staff, the peace, and tranquility of each one.

Where ever you decide to stay on the island you can never go wrong. Just to name a few, if you are feeling luxurious and want to the full butler service, you a can for resorts like Jade Mountain and The Ladera Resort.

These two are the most popular resorts on the island of St. Lucia. Marigot Bay is in just such an amazing location and the view from the rooms is to die for. Their many places you can stay in Marigot but if you are really looking for an experience you should try Marigot Bay Resort and Marina.

Resorts In St. Lucia

What to do on the island of St. Lucia

This is the most fun part. Although the island is very small the number of activities there are to do are in abundance. Visit the island by boat, book a sunset cruise party boat, or maybe make it a private event for you and your special person.

Go horseback riding along the beautiful white sand beaches. Want a little adventure, book an ATV tour or maybe add a little thrill and soar through the rain forest on a zip line. So many adventures to do, you may not want to leave.

Things to do in St. Lucia

All-Inclusive St. Lucia Packages

This is always the biggest issue when traveling to St. Lucia, it’s too expensive. Well, it does not have to be. There are so many booking apps that can help you save big when traveling to St. Lucia. Expedia, TripAdvisor, and are just a few.

The great thing is that you can access that app from almost anywhere in the world. You can look up anything from Caribbean vacation packages, where you can book your flight, hotel and car rental in just a click of a button and save on each one of them. That sounds easier enough.

All-inclusive St. lucia Vacation


The island of Bonaire is known for its many diving spots, so if you are a lover of the ocean and love seeing the different sea creatures and corals, then is definitely the island for you. This beautiful Dutch-speaking island is located in the Lesser Antilles and is part of the ABC Islands, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao.

Being that it is such a small island, it is untouched, meaning not many tourist travels to Bonaire. This allows natural resources around to remain intact. The beauty of Bonaire is undeniable; I guess you may just have to take a trip to see for yourself.

Beaches in Bonaire

There are over 22 beaches in Bonaire and each one has something different to offer. The no-name beach is one of the most incredible beaches in Bonaire. Talk about untouched resources, this is it. It is a little way from the city so you would have to take a water taxi to get there.

You could easily spend the whole day there, plan a picnic, relax on the sand snorkel and just enjoy beautiful Bonaire. There are many more beaches in Bonaire.  You can take a look right here.

no name beach in Bonaire

Where to Stay in Bonaire

It really depends on what you are planning to do in Bonaire and how convenient you want everything to be. You can choose from the resort to a villa to Airbnb. All of which are great but you will need something to suit your pocket and somewhere that you can have easy access to everything around. When looking for a resort, The Marriott Bonaire seems to be the one to beat. It is located near the Bonaire international airport so that makes it easy after a long trip from home. 

Villas in Bonaire can be as luxurious as you 5-star resorts with the privacy of having your own space. There are many sites that you can book villas in Bonaire. With Airbnb, it is almost the same as a villa but you get a real homey feeling, where the host is always there to help out.

Courtyard by Marriott

Things to do in Bonaire

Bonaire is mostly known for diving but is there anything else to do on this island. Of course, there is. I love the outdoors as much as I love the beach, but there is so much swimming and snorkeling I could do. So I went to do I bit of research to see what else this beautiful untouched island of Bonaire has to offer. Well, here is what I found. Now I know I said there is so much snorkeling I can do but technically this one does not include swimming.

Visit the National Marine Park, where you can get to see a vast variety of marine life. Fun fact, Bonaire probable has every type of coral you can find in the Caribbean plus it is home to over 340 species of fish. You can also visit the Donkey and Flamingo Sanctuaries in Bonaire. Get up close and personal with the goats at Aletta’s goat farm.

Bonaire National Marine Park

All-Inclusive Vacation to Bonaire

The great thing about traveling is that that you can get all-inclusive packages to almost anywhere you want to travel. There are so many different companies to choose from Expedia being the top of the list.

Traveling to Bonaire, you can book your all-inclusive vacation through Sun wing, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Redtag Vacations WestJet Vacations and Air Canada. So many options to choose from, you just can’t help but save bundles on your next Caribbean vacation to Bonaire.

All Inclusive vacations in Bonaire
     Source: Bonaire Tourism

The British Virgin Islands

The number one reason to visit the British Virgin Islands is that it is divided into 15 different islands. Now that’s what I call a vacation. Each island comes with something different and leaves you with a different island experience.

Get enticed by the Virgin Gordas natural granite Pillars, or visit the biggest of all the islands, Tortola, or spend the day on Jost Van Dyke.The British Virgin Islands

Best All-Inclusive Resorts

This should be fun. There are so many different islands in the British Virgin island so you will have an array of different resorts to choose from.

  Traveling to Tortola, try out The Long Bay Beach Club. Hop on over to Jost Van Dyke and stay at the White bay villa and seaside cottages, book a day at the Point Pleasant resort in St. Thomas. So many different islands to choose from. Which resort will entice you?

Resorts in the british virgin island

All Inclusive Vacations

This is always a great topic. Anywhere you can save money for your vacation to spend on your vacation is always great. All-inclusive packages are great ways to save money.

No matter where you live you can always use apps lime Expedia, TripAdvisor, to get some amazing deals. Sign up for trip advisor alerts, so you never miss out on a good deal.

Grand Cayman Island

Let’s face it, we go to the Caribbean for the beaches. All we want to do is just lay on the beach and drink till we can’t feel our faces anymore, or maybe that’s just me.

Visiting the Cayman islands, you can get to do that on one of the greatest beaches in the world, the seven-mile beach. There is so much to see and explore in the Cayman Islands. Let’s dive in and take a look.

Grand Caymans all inclusive Resorts

It is always better when we don’t have to worry about our food on vacations, that’s why all-inclusive resorts come in so handy. You have someone at your beck and call to cook for you, clean for you, and you just enjoy your vacation. Check out some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the Cayman Islands. If you are looking for the best diving spot, you can try Cobalt Coast Resort.

If you are looking to stay at the famous seven-mile beach in the Grand Cayman islands, then you should definitely book the Westin. Or if it is that special time where you want to book your honeymoon, you can go big and try the Ritz Carlton.

All-Inclusive Grand Cayman Resorts

Things to do in the Cayman Islands

When planning your vacation, make sure you go with a plan. Planning your trip makes things so much easier. Here is a list of exciting things to do whilst in the Cayman Islands. Take to the sky in a helicopter tour and see the island from up above.  Visit the Crystal caves located on the north side of the island. Take the Flavor tour to experience the taste of the island because we all know that we travel for 2 things, rum, and food.

This tour gives you both. Take a walk on the island and try out the artesian and farmers market, you can shop till you drop from noon till 7 pm every Wednesday. You never know what you may find. Another fun thing you can do in the Cayman islands takes the stingray city luxury tour. So many things to do, so make sure you put time aside to really enjoy the island.

Things to do in The Cayman Islands

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This is a pretty cool island that separates into many different islands. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is located in the Caribbean Sea and is right between the islands of St. Lucia and Grenada.

There are so many things to do, on this island; island hopping comes to mind first, snorkeling, sailing and so much more. Let get in there and see the fun things about this amazing island.

Things to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Because there are so many mini islands in the Grenadines, there is something different to do on every little island. Visit Tobago Cays for a day and enjoy Tobago Cays Marine Park.

Try out some Kite surfing on Union Island, or spend a day at the beach in Canouan. Just planning the trip brings excitement. Could you imagine being there?

Things to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

All-Inclusive Deals to St. Vincent and the Grenadines

You can find all-inclusive deals for where ever you want to travel to in the Caribbean, with apps like  Expedia, Tripadvisor, and you can never go wrong.

Sign up for weekly emails with TripAdvisor to see when your flight prices decrease. There are always last minute deals, airlines trying to fill their seats at a cheaper cost. Look out for those all-inclusive deals to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Resorts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines has so many different resorts to offer because of the vast amount of islands. There are some great all-inclusive hotels on each island.

For instance, if you are on the island of Kingston, you can stay at the all-inclusive  Buccament Bay, hop on over to Union Island where you can lounge at David’s Beach Hotel, or Palm Beach has an  amazing all-inclusive Resort where you and your special someone can go back to the days when you were teenagers in love.

Resorts inSt. Vincent and the Grenadines

Well, These Are the 5 islands I think you must travel to before 2019 comes to an end. Pick one or try them all out. We would love to hear about your experiences on each and every one of them.


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