An island Review: Visiting My Grandfather’s Homeland

Welcome to another of our Best of St Lucia with our readers. We wouldn’t have this amazing blog without including our readers. The goal is to show you how amazing St Lucia is and why it’s the place to be. You do not have to take our words for it. Here is another amazing review of the island by one of our readers. This is the best of St Lucia with Ally.

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My Arrival to Paradise

My trip to the beautiful island of St Lucia can only be described as a trip to paradise. Upon stepping off the plane your eyes are immediately treated to an array of colors you didn’t even know existed. The only equivalent I can offer you is it’s like the first time you ever watched a movie on an HD television.


We stayed at The St James’s Club Morgan Bay (northern part of the island) which had a great selection of activities and trips/excursions for us to complete. One of the most stunning sights of this holiday has to be the sunsets viewed from the beach at St James’s Resort. I will really miss sitting by the beach, whiles listening to the seas calming waves and watching a golden sunset. Truly a thing of natural beauty. One of the great benefits of staying at the resort was the Wednesday night BBQ. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is electric and the evenings were unforgettable.
sunset in St.Lucia


On our trip, we were lucky enough to have outstanding weather. This obviously gave us the option of being able to complete many trips and truly explore the ‘Helen of the West’. We went on a day trip out to sea with Joy’s Cruises. This included a  trip into the mud baths and sparkling waterfalls of Soufriere as well as a lovely home cooked meal. Honestly, this was the highlight of the trip and I cannot recommend this excursion enough if you have the opportunity to complete it. The snorkeling was great and the views of the pitons are not to be missed. 

More of the island

We also visited the rainforest although opted for the less adventurous sky tram as opposed to the zip line. The views of the island and rainforest were breath-taking and I equally enjoyed our tour guides walk and talk through the rainforest itself. I was particularly pleased with the opportunity to photograph some hummingbirds which was a great consolation for the St Lucian parrots proving to be elusive. 
As well as the formal excursions we also went out on our own to explore some parts of the island. This included the bustling markets of Castries and beaches of Rodney Bay. We went to the street party in Gros Islet which gave the opportunity to hear some great music and really get into the party atmosphere of the island. We also went to Choiseul (where my grandfather grew up) to visit family. While obviously, the area holds a lot of family ties, I would say that the drive through the island gave us a lot of opportunity to experience and see the real St Lucia. 
All in all, it was an amazing holiday. I can’t wait to return and would love to spend some more time at sea and try to get some whale/dolphin watching in. Until next time St Lucia 

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