Flights directly to St.Lucia

Airlines That Fly to St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an alluring island located in the Eastern Caribbean. The island is a favorite hideaway for visitors from all over the world who enjoy the laidback vibe on the island, the beautiful beaches, unique natural attractions and just the slower pace of life that the island affords. However, if you want to enjoy these alluring attractions and you do not live in St. Lucia, you will probably have to take a flight to the island! We will highlight some of the top airlines that fly to the tropical paradise called St. Lucia.

What Airlines Fly Directly to St. Lucia

St. Lucia has become one of the top destinations to travel to in the world. Having an airline that travels directly to St. Lucia, would make your trip there be even more memorable. Not having to worry about your connecting flight gives you the relaxation you will experience once you touch down in St. Lucia.

Is St. Lucia Expensive to Travel to by Plane

Because St. Lucia has become a very popular destination, it also comes off as being expensive to travel to. There are tips and tricks. Try looking for flights at the last minute, especially in the low season. Sign on to websites like Tripadvisor and They always have great deals at the last minute.


Airlines out of America

America has a large travel market and has the highest number of visitors to St. Lucia. Some of the airlines that terminate in St. Lucia from American airports include; American Airlines, Jet Blue Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines. American Airline flights to St. Lucia departs from the airline’s main hubs in Miami, Charlotte, and Philadelphia throughout the year. To get the best flight times and availability, you can check out the airline’s website, contact them directly or use an online airline booking engine such as sky scanner, Expedia or

Jet Blue is another American based airline that flies to St. Lucia, most Jet Blue flights to the island flies out of New York or Boston and flights are available throughout the year. Delta and United Airlines have their hubs in New Jersey and Chicago, providing flight services to St. Lucia continuously. These are some of the main American based airlines that fly to St. Lucia, it is always a good idea to check out flight deals and do price comparisons among the airlines before booking your airline tickets. This could save you a few pennies that you could use to enjoy the beautiful island of St. Lucia!


Airlines out of Canada

Canadians love St. Lucia and have been flying to the island for decades. The major Canadian airlines that terminate in St. Lucia are; Air Canada, Sunwing Airlines and West Jet Airlines. Air Canada and West Jet provide year-round service to St. Lucia out of Toronto and out of Montreal in the peak tourist season. Sunwing Airlines is also a major player providing chartered flights out of Toronto and Montreal throughout the year. So, if you are in Canada, you have no excuse not to visit St. Lucia, since you have three of the best Canadian airlines flying into the island regularly!


Out of Europe

From the continent of Europe, some of the top airlines that fly to St. Lucia are British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, TUI Airlines, Condor, Air France and Corsair Airline. British Airways provides at least 5 weekly flights out of Gatwick and Virgin Atlantic has at least 3 out of Gatwick. All of these flights are nonstops to St. Lucia, which makes it more convenient for travelers to get to St. Lucia. Condo Air provides service out of Germany, while Air France and Corsair provide service out of France. Flights on these airlines are not as frequent and you take a look at their website or speak to your travel agent to get flight schedule information.


Inter-Island Airlines

If you are traveling to St. Lucia from within the Caribbean islands, the best options available to you are LIAT and Caribbean Airlines. These two airlines have daily flight services from most Caribbean islands, providing efficient connectivity to the island of St. Lucia.

Finally, flying to St. Lucia is a breeze, whether you are in Europe, the United States, Canada or the Caribbean, you can find a daily flight to St. Lucia. So, go ahead and book your tickets to St. Lucia today and come and enjoy the Caribbean sun!


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