7 Reasons Why You Should Travel For Christmas

Christmas season is right around the corner. What have you planned for you and your family this holiday season? Book an all-inclusive vacation and have a stress free holiday season this year. Here are 7 reasons why I think you would enjoy this Christmas season if you travel.


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1. No One Has to Host

Travelling for your Christmas vacation and staying at an all-inclusive resort means you don’t have to do anything. Not even make your bed. No dirty dishes or worrying about who is going to clean up after. I say sign me up, that’s the beginning of a great Christmas holiday.

Why to Travel for Christmas
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2. It’s a Break from the Same Old Christmas 

Having traditions for Christmas are great but sometimes you just need to break out of the normal and do something different. Doing the same thing year to year can get really boring. Book a trip to an exotic island adventure and surprise the family. Hey, it’s less work for you, right. Don’t wait, the holidays are around the corner.


3. Everyone Gets a Bed

No more worrying about where your 3rd cousin is going to sleep. Traveling for Christmas allows everyone with a bed a or couch or a pullout bed. There is space for everyone. Most resorts also provide cribs for the little one as well so that should not be a problem.

Taveling for Christmas
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4.  A Week Long Celebration

It is called the holiday season for a reason, so why are we trying to fit it all in one day. Traveling for Christmas allows you to extend that holiday celebration, and the best part is that you will be celebrating with the people you love and care about the most.


5. Soooo Many Things to Do

The great thing about traveling for your Christmas holidays is that you will never run out of things to do. If you are staying at an all-inclusive resort, they usually come with so many activities, that you and your family will never run out of things to do. Excursions, water, and land sports and island tours. So many things to chose from.


6. Bikini Time

Wouldnt you rather be in your bikini sipping on some margaritas instead of sweaters and jeans slaving away in the kitchen? I know what I would rather be doing. Your Christmas vacation should be the time off you get before the new year begins. Take that time just to chill by the beach and enjoy some well-deserved family time.

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7. Creating Unforgettable Memories

This is a new experience for you and your family, it is a great time to create new memories. Take lots of pictures, do lots of family activities, and spend time with the people that matter the most in your life. You have nothing to take care of anyway, so just relax at your all-inclusive resort with your family and create the best memories possible.


Now I have given you reasons why you should travel for your Chrismas vacation, you have a decision to make. Do you want to stay home and do the same old boring turkey cooking tradition, slaving away over a hot stove, or do you want to have an all-inclusive stress free family Christmas holiday. The choice is yours. Feel free to let us know what your plans are for this holiday season.



4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Travel For Christmas”

  1. This is our first year doing this and we are so excited! At first extended family wasn’t thrilled, but this is about making memories with my kids and not having to feel the stree of the holidays

  2. My family travelled to India a few years ago. It was a lovely holiday but we all realized that we liked the traditional Christmas here in Sweden much better. I can however imagine me and my boyfriend enjoying a Christmas in another country now that we are in our mid 20’s and not too interested in Christmas present etc. 🙂

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