4 of St.Lucia’s Best Attractions

St.Lucia, like every other island, is unique in its very own way. It is home for the famous  Gros piton and petit piton. It is the only country with a drive-in volcano and there is a warm water mud bath. Could you imagine driving through where you can see the bubbling sulphur just inches away from you. That is both scary and exhilarating.


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Gros Piton and Petit Piton

The Gros Piton and Petit Piton are one of St.Lucia’s main attractions. These lush green mountains were created as a result of the volcanic eruption in the 1700’s. The Gros Piton is 771 meters high whiles the Petit Piton is 753 meters high. From a distance view, it would seem that they were linked. They are located in two different parts of the island. The Gros Piton is located in Soufriere while the Petit Piton is located in the fishing town of Choiseul. Climbing these mountains could be quite a challenge, so if you are an adventurous person, this could be an ideal activity for you. You are able to climb both pitons but the most common one to climb would be Gros Piton. It is best to use a tour guide service as they know the in and outs of the mountain and most of them come with a package deal.

Tourist attractions in St.Lucia
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Drive-In Volcano

St.Lucia is the only country with a drive-in volcano. It is one of the islands best tourist attraction. It is about a forty minutes drive from the capital of the island, which is Castries, to the craters. This volcano has been dormant since the last eruption in the 1700’s but is still checked on from time to time. Driving through, you could see the bubbling sulphur from the street. You are not able to get to close to the craters because of the hot lava. There is also a smell of rotten egg so if you get easily turned off you might want to bring something to cover up your nose. If you are looking for lots of insight on the volcano, it’s best to book it with a tour company as they are very knowledgeable in these areas. Before leaving the volcano site, you could purchase a number of different souvenirs for your family and friends back home.

 Attractions in St.Lucia
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Sulphur Mud Bath 

After your visit through the drive-through volcano, you must visit the sulphuric mud bath. It is best to speak to one of the tour guides which are usually located right before you enter the mud bath. The sulphur is known to rejuvenate your skin and leave your skin feeling twenty-five years younger.  It is known that the sulphur from the bath comes with many minerals, which helps in the healing of eczema, sunburn and so much more. The best time to visit the mud bath would very early in the morning before the sun is at its peak, as the water can become very hot. Be sure to wear an old swimsuit as the sulphur may stain your clothes. It is not recommended to wear jewelry whiles in the bath as it changes the color. On your way out you can purchase some sulphur to take home to keep your skin rejuvenated all year round.

mud bath in St.Lucia
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Piton Falls

St.Lucia has so many beautiful waterfalls, so after your mud bath, the piton falls is the one you must try, to wash off that extra mud. Cascading warm water falls from 30 feet above you into a pool of water. It is great to visit after a long hike of the Gros Piton, or just to relax and massage those tender muscles. It is a big tourist attraction, so it could be quite crowded at times. The best times to visit would be in the early mornings or late afternoon. There are two different baths at the piton falls. One of them has cascading water falling down, with warm water, whiles the other has lukewarm water. It is known to be a smaller waterfall compared to most but it is beautiful to get that perfect vacation picture. There are usually locals who sure off the falls and they can be very accommodating. This fall is definitely one you should visit before the end of your trip to St.Lucia.

activities in St.Lucia

There are so many attractions in St.Lucia but these four are some of the most popular. Be sure to visit them and let us know of your experience and what more you did whiles on this amazing island.

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