The Advantages of Group Travel

As we slowly get back into the world of traveling, I am sure most of you like me are starting to plan that perfect getaway with your special someone or a group of friends which you have not seen in a while due to COVID-19. Don’t you worry, we are going to include all the social distancing, and precautions that we need to do before traveling. The question asked here is “What are the advantages of group travel?” Let us dive into this article and see what I have here for you.

 Saving Money

No matter what you are doing, whenever you are doing it in a group, the first thing you automatically think of is how are we going to split this. The same principle applies when it comes to traveling in a group. Accommodations can get expensive very quickly. When traveling in a group, it gives you the option to rent out a villa for 6 of you and split the cost of food and stay. Think about staying in a 3-bedroom villa, with a pool, a chef, and other amenities and only having to pay a quarter of what you would have spent at a resort. Isn’t that an amazing feeling?


You don’t have to do all the Planning

travelling planning

I love it when I am traveling to just go with the flow of the country that I am visiting.  Most people are not like me. They love planning! For my wedding, I gave my best friend the colors I  loved and told her to have fun, she did pretty much everything and I enjoyed every moment of it. In your group, you will find someone like her who plans out every detail of where we are going and what we would be doing.  All would have to do is sit back and enjoy every bit of your amazing vacation. Now I am not saying that you should not put in your 2 cents about your trip, but there are just some people who love to plan and others who will just go along and enjoy.


Seeing your Friends/ Family in a different light

group travel

When on vacation, people are more relaxed, so you get to know things about them that they would never show you in the real world. You get to see uptight Jane let lose and just have fun, or even uncle Tom who is always stressed become calm and relaxed. Sometimes, being with close family and friends brings out the best in you or something else, depending on who you travel with. This brings up a valid point, ensure you choose the people in your group very carefully. I am a very carefree person and I get along with everyone. Basically, no one could ever spoil my vacation. Some people on the other hand can be very sensitive, so they need to take that into consideration. No one wants that loudmouth Carol to join the group getaway and ruin your perfect getaway.


Experience New Things

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Every person in life has something different about them. For instance, something that they love to do. Travelling in a group allows you to see the world from different eyes. For me, every country I visit, I must find a hiking trail. It is what I love to do. Being open to other people’s ideas in group travel may just be the highlight of your trip. So, I say as long as it isn’t something that would put you in danger, be open to some else’s idea in the group.


Meeting New People

group travel

There is always this one person in your group that is more outgoing than the rest of you.  In my case, that would be me. When visiting a new country, I want to experience the country like the locals. So, I would go introduce myself, find out how they live, and so on. I remember on my trip to Bonaire; we met this taxi driver at the airport, and it was the best thing ever. He took us to the best beach; gave us a history of the island and took us to a town we would have never found on our own. The times that we spent with him were the best parts of our trip.

Now with all that being said, in the world that we live in today, group traveling may seem like something from the past. It does not have to be. Take precautions in everything that you do. You need to know the people that you are traveling with. Make sure that they have a clean COVID-19 test before traveling with you. While you are traveling, be as careful as you are in your own home or maybe in more. Wash your hands, wear a mask, try to prepare your own meals. Do things that make sense to you to keep yourself and everyone safe. My hope is that one day we won’t have to travel with a mask, and we can be free to eat the food from the locals, but in the meantime, let keep safe and travel with caution. Happy Travels everyone!!!!

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