15 Things to Do with Your Girls on your Getaway to St.Lucia

It is that time of year again when you just want to let loose, relax and just have a good time. Your husband/ partner is always fun but this time you just want to sit by the beach and drink till you can’t feel your face anymore. The guys get their fishing and hunting trips throughout the year, and you don’t know what goes on there. We think you need that breather to, and whats the best island to do so. Well, I am glad you asked, St.Lucia of course!!! You need to plan a trip without feeling judged, and who are the best people for that, your girls. Let’s set you up with the best things to do on the island as well as the best all-inclusive resorts/accommodations in St.Lucia.

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1. Hike The Pitons

Hiking the Gros Piton and Petit Piton can be quite a challenge but if you girls are the adventurous, athletic type, and looking for things to do whilst in St.Lucia, this is definitely an activity for you. It is possible to climb both pitons but climbing the petit piton can be very dangerous. You have a better trail on the Gros Piton. The climb takes about, two hours up and two hours down, so get ready with your water and a small snack. 

Once you get up the mountain, trust me you will not regret the view. It is the most spectacular thing you will ever lay your eyes on. You will forget all about the climb you just did. 

things to do in St.lucia

Best Resort Beside the Pitons

The Ladera Resort

The Ladera Resort is one of St.Lucia’s most luxurious resorts. You and your girls will enjoy the view from your bedroom of the majestic pitons without opening the doors to your room because guess what, there are no doors. The Pitons are only a mere 7 minutes drive from the resort so you can take a taxi or if you are adventurous you can take a drive yourself.


2. Take a Sulphur Bath

You and your girls have been working all year round and that has taken a toll on your body and skin. What if I tell you that taking a dip into this sulphur bath will leave your skin looking and feeling ten years younger. Soak those aching muscles from all the stress of the week before. Don’t forget to put the sulphur all over you and let it dry to get that fresh young feeling.

One thing to remember when visiting the sulphur bath is to wear an old swimsuit because it will get ruined, also any jewelry should be left behind. Although it will not damage real gold, it will turn it for a couple days, so be careful with that.

mud bath in St.Lucia
                                     Source: Island Routes

Best Place to Stay Beside the Sulphur Bath

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

If you ladies have a sweet tooth then this is definitely the hotel for you. The name alone tells you what it is all about. The Boucan By Hotel Chocolat all-inclusive resort has 14 guestrooms, so if you are traveling with a big group you and your girls will be properly accommodated. It is only a 25-minute walk from the sulphur springs so you can have a nice walk to your bath. There are many nature trails around this resort like Tet Paul where you can see the most spectacular view of the pitons.

3. Visit The Piton Falls 

You and your girls are in for a treat with this one. The piton falls is known to be one of the best waterfalls on the island. What makes it the best you ask, well first off it has warm water flowing from it. Think about coming from that long hike and just soaking in the warm mineral water. Soak those muscles for your next day of adventure in St.Lucia.

Whiles there don’t forget to get right under the falls, it is the perfect picture for the loved ones back home. They will be wishing they came to enjoy St.Lucia with you, but this was your girls trip, so maybe next time.

Things to do in St.Lucia

Best Place to Stay near the Piton Falls

Stonefield Estate Resort

Although this is not an all-inclusive resort, you and your girls will definitely enjoy the Stonefield Estate Resort. It is about a 42-minute walk to the piton falls which makes it about a 10 to 15-minute drive, if you don’t feel like walking for that long in the hot blazing St.Lucian sun. Among the many amenities, there is also a free shuttle that could be used to the airport. If you and your girls are just looking for some quiet time then this might be the place for you.


4. Island Hopping!!!!

You girls have been on the island of St.Lucia for a couple of days now and to be honest it is a small island. Why not try another? There are two other islands nearby that you can visit for the day and shop till you drop. Fly on over to the Grenadines for the day with Serenity Tours. They are the only ones on the island that provide that tour. 

Things t do in St.Lucia

Still, want to try another island, Martinique is also close by. Get your girls together and visit this small French volcanic island. The tour can be booked through TripAdvisor. Both these tours can be a private tour for you and your girls and also have a hired photographer.

                                        Source: St.Lucia Waveriders

Best Places to Stay for Island Tours

Staying on the north of the island would be best for these tours because of the extra fee for the resorts in Soufriere. The north side of the island has many small villa and Airbnb that will be great for you and your pockets.


5. Spa Day!!!!

You ladies have been enjoying life, having a great time and just exploring the island. All this can take a toll on the body. How about a day of relaxation. Luckily St.Lucia has an abundance of resorts that offer a spa day. 

 Kai Koko spa at offers the perfect massage for your spa day with your girls. Amazing view, friendly staff and just peace and serenity, what more could you ask for.

Best Places to Stay

Because you can get a day pass to literally any spa on the island it really does not matter where you stay. This would be the perfect time for some resort hopping. Get a spa pass and whiles you’re at it get a dining pass as well so you can dine at pretty much any resort on the island.


6. Sunset Cruise

Who says sunset cruises have to be just for your couples. Why can’t you and your girls sail the ocean with some champagne and some hors-d’oeuvres? Cheers to your amazing lives and be grateful for the friendships that you are celebrating.

Book this tour through Serenity travels and enjoy a day on the ocean with your friends or meet up with new friends on the island. Trust me you, you won’t regret this experience.

Thinking about the perfect getaway whiles in St. Lucia? Here’s a great idea, why not have a tour of the island and have your own private photo shoot. Imagine taking her on a tour of the island by sea or by land and surprising her with a photo shoot with just you two. The beautiful scenery of the majestic pitons, or the crystal clear water falls at your back. What a perfect day for that special someone in your life. You can book this tour with Serenity Vacations and Tours.

Best Places to Stay

If you are looking for an all-inclusive stay on the north of the island, there are any resorts you can look into, or if you kind of just wants to do your own thing, you can book a villa add a hired chef and you and your girls can just party on.


7. Snorkeling the Best Reefs

St.Lucia is made up of so many beautiful beaches and most of them have some of the most amazing reefs. Take a swim down with your girls around the pitons to Anse des Piton. Take in the natural beauty of the coral reefs and the different types of fishes. You will be amazed at what you see down there.

Anse Cochon is another popular place for snorkeling in St.Lucia. This beach is one of the black sand beaches on the island and is great to relax after a day of snorkeling. 

Best Places to Stay

The Ti Kaye Resort and Spa is one of the resorts closest to the Anse Cochon beach. It has the feel of being outdoors whiles having all your basic needs. The outdoor showers, the hammock on the balcony will have you and your girls not wanting to leave this paradise.

8. Travel Like the Locals

If you really want to get the true experience of the beautiful island of St.Lucia, you need to do a few things like the locals do. Depending on where you are staying, there is always a bus stop close by. 

Hop on a bus and head on down to Castries to visit. There is always something going on, especially in the Castries Market. The cost of the bus starts anywhere from $1.50 ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar) and can go all the way to $5 ECD. Taking the bus, you get to mingle with some locals and also save a little money on transportation.


9. Pigeon Island Waterpark

On most days in St.Lucia, you are looking at a temperature of almost 30 degrees Celsius, almost every day, and you can add humidity to that as well. You will want to be in the water most of the time.

Spending the day at the Pigeon Island Water Park is not a bad way to cool off. You get to jump around like a kid again and bring in some of that cardio you have been slacking off all week. You get to do an hour of jumping around and doing almost a full obstacle course. Sounds like a fun hour to me.

Best Places to Stay

If you want to be close to the waterpark there are many resorts that are close by. Bay Garden Resorts offer complimentary passes to this attraction, so this may be something you guys would want to look into.

10. Eat the Local Food 

You have traveled so far for a great experience. The last thing you want is the same old food from where you came from. Try to experience the local food of the island. Get in with the locals, they know the best spots.

Being an island the best things you can get is fresh seafood. Try the smaller by the roadside type of places, they have the best food and the prices are not as steep as the hotels. You will definitely get more food for your money there.

Things to do in St.Lucia

11. Gros Islet Friday Night

You and your girls came all the way to St.Lucia and let loose. What better way than to go to Gros Islet Friday Night. Enjoy a night of sweet Caribbean music mixed with some hip hop and pretty much everything else. 

Enjoy the best food on the island, from grilled fish to bbq chicken and the best local juice you can find. This will have you and your girls asking for the recipes of how to make all this mouth-watering food.

Best Places to Stay

The great thing about staying in Gros islet is that that’s where pretty much everything happpens. There are so many resorts and villas to choose from. Airbnb is also an option for you girls if you are open to that.

12. Visit The Castries Market

Whiles on your girls trip in St.Lucia, one of the things you should definitely do is visit the Castries Market. If you are looking for little trinkets or souvenirs for your loved ones back home, this is the best place to get them.

You get so much more stuff for your money and they have a variety of different stuff to help you remember your trip to St.Lucia. Anything from t-shirts to keychains or small bracelets that can be made right there for you. Just take your pick, you will not be disappointed.

Things to do In st.lucia

Best Places to Stay

Staying close to the capital should not be an issue. You can stay at Casa Del La Vega and have your very own private beach. It is close to the George FL Charles airport if you are flying out of there and it is just a short bus ride away from the Castries market.

13. Soak in Some Rays

St.Lucia is known for its beaches, so you have a variety of them to choose from to soak in some sun. Get your girls, a beach towel, pack some food and drinks and head out to the beach for the day.

Most of the resorts have their own private beaches or even if you are staying at a villa, most of them are usually located very close to the beaches. 

things to do in St.Lucia


14. Find a Hidden Gem

St.Lucia is an island that you can never get tired of doing stuff. There are so many activities to be done on the island. Take one day and do something out of the ordinary, something not touristy.

The best way to find out what these things would be is to get in close with the locals. Let them know what you are looking to do. Trust me they have all the secrets. Hire a taxi for the day and have an adventure to tell your husband or partner about when you get back.

15. Zipline through the Forest

If you an adventurous group of girls then this could definitely be the activity to try out. Booking it with a tour company can make it better as they offer other activities with the ziplining. 

Viator has a variety of different tours you can choose from and they have reviews you can go through to choose the best one for you.

Things to do in St.Lucia



There are so many other things to do on the island of St.Lucia. So many places to explore. We would love to hear about your adventure in St.Lucia, so feel free to email us with your St.Lucian adventure!!!!







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