15 Instagrams Pics To Make Your Friends Jealous of Your Vacation In St.Lucia

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a way we can prove that. It’s not every day that you get to take a week off work and fly somewhere exotic and hot so why not flaunt it. Make your friends just a little bit jealous of your Instagram feed whilst documenting your perfect vacation with these amazing picture ideas.


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Airport/Plane Pic

 Before you’ve even left the country get those cameras out. Whether it’s a selfie with the plane on the runway or the airport sign as you drive in this is the perfect pic to start your journey. Getting your vacation started with the perfect airport selfie is a must, whether you are traveling with your significant other or just by your self, get that selfie stick out and begin your documentation of the perfect vacation to Saint Lucia.

Location Brag

Before you even land, make sure you have that window seat so you can get the perfect picture from up above. Seeing the island all at once is just a site to see. Imagine seeing the sandy beaches, the white soft sand and the greenery of the lush green mountains. That alone will make your friends kick themselves for not taking that invitation to come with you. When you do get to your destination take a picture of the welcome sign just to let everyone know you are somewhere that’s not your office.

The Pool 

Yep, the vacation has officially started, you’ve dumped your bags in your room and got that swimsuit on ready for a nice dip in the hotel pool. The great thing about this island is it has a hot pool built right in the ground. Imagine taking pictures in the hot springs pool that will make your friends and family want to book their next vacation to St.Lucia. The resort pools on the islands are also spectacular. You have anything from your swim up to the bar pool to your own private pool in your room at various resorts. You take your pick, the options are endless.

Balcony View 

If you have a balcony with your room make sure to get a pic of you lazing in the sun enjoying a cocktail. The resorts on the island has such magical views. Sitting on your balcony, watching that perfect view of the famous St.Lucia Pitons, with a glass of wine would make the perfect Instagram picture. Just looking over the greenery of the island, taking in the breathtaking beauty and nature will definitely make you want to get your phones out and start post some amazing photos.

View from the Balcony

Breakfast Colours 

If you’ve gone all inclusive for your vacation, get a snap of those beautiful breakfast buffets that the resorts offer, which are just full of color and scream living the life. You are on an island where pretty much everything you have for breakfast is fresh, from your local juice, or your natural chocolate tea (cocoa tea) to your fruits and very fresh bread. You most definitely have to let your friends know how well you are eating. An array of colors spread across the table with a view to die for, your Instagram feed will definitely be popping.

Breakfast in St.Lucia
Source: The adventures of Z and K

Explorer Mode Activated 

No doubt you will be doing a bit of exploration whilst on your vacation, so get a couple pictures of some of the things that you just wouldn’t see in your normal day to day life. Getting ready for a day of adventure to visit the islands most amazing attractions, then get the camera an start taking these amazing Instagram photos that will get your friends going. Once you have reached the top of the majestic Pitons, that view is something you would want to share with everyone. So don’t be selfish, get those fingers on that clicking button and get the best pictures for your friends.

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It’s the epitome of any exotic location. The breathtaking sunset and sunrise of a foreign place. Just imagine, you and your significant other or just you and your best friend on the beach, watching the sunset over the horizon. What a beautiful capture that would be. Your picture will be one that will be kept and talked about for ages.

Sunset in St.Lucia

The Ocean

If you are near the coast make sure to get a picture of the magnificent waters surrounding wherever you are. Luckily, you are on an island, which means you are surrounded by deep beautiful waters. The sea, the sand, the sun as it glisens on the water. You don’t have to image it because you are right there. Take that picture that will keep reminding you of that amazing memory you created on the island and to show your friends how beautiful the island is.

Your Outfit 

One of the most important things about your trip is your outfit. If there is one thing people will look out for on Instagram, it would be what you are wearing. Be sure to always keep looking fresh. You never know who has a camera and an Instagram account they can tag you in. You don’t want to be caught with something not up to par. If you’re going to dinner, exploring or doing something a bit wild, make sure to get a selfie with that amazing outfit that you purchased before your trip.



No matter your age you will be feeling 18 again when surrounded by the beautiful scenery and the hot weather.  Get those night time adventure pictures out and show everyone just how much fun you are having. St.Lucia has such an amazing nightlife, anything from Gros Islet Friday Night or heading over to Rodney Bay where there are a variety of bars and nightclubs. Dressed up in your clubbing wear, you just absolutely need to show everyone how much fun you are having.

Nightlife in st.Lucia

The Perfect Tan

 Yeah everyone hates on you because you have just got this perfect natural tan, but that’s just because it’s not them in the picture. Laying on the beach whiles the sun strikes on every inch of your body. It would be a waste not to take a picture of how perfect your skin looks at that moment. Make your friends not only jealous but want to come on y9our vacation.

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Selfie With A Local 

Whether it’s your Scuba instructor, local vendor or that really cute waiter from your favorite restaurant, show that you are getting involved and get a selfie or two with a local. These pictures are always the best because you always get the most genuine smiles. It always shows in your picture how nice the locals are, just by the way they look in your pictures.

The Wildlife 

Whilst out on your adventures get a picture of the local wildlife. Whether it’s at a zoo or just from your travels around, everyone loves animals. The best places to get the perfect wildlife pictures are around the waterfalls or nature tours which you can set up with one of the tour companies. You would not want to miss out on the many different creatures on the island, and to tell your friends all about them. We all know there must be a picture to follow.

St.Lucia wildlife
Source: The Culture Trip

 Local Architecture 

No matter where you are the local architecture is going to be different from your hometown. If you’ve found a particularly beautiful building whilst exploring show it off on your Insta.St.Lucia is made up of so much old and new architecture. The Castries library shows some cultural influences that the island has gone through from early colonial times. There are many building on the island that has so much history. These are things that definitely need your Instagrams attention.

Architecture in St.Lucia
Source: St.Lucia News Online

The End 

Probably the saddest picture you will take but finish off your vacation series with a wave from the airport or hotel and let everyone know you are coming home. Take the last day of your trip and try to visit the simplest things on the island. Try taking a walk on the beach for the very last time. Take a picture of the seashells you missed out on during the trip. The hotel staff are always happy to take a picture with their guest. If you are there with your significant other, get that last kiss on the island . So many Instagram worthy pictures in hours.


Whether you are looking for ideas just to document your vacation or you do want to show your friends just how much of life you are living on Instagram, make sure to stay safe and keep your profiles private so you know that it is only friends and family that get to see that you are away.


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