13 Great Christmas Gifts for Travellers

Christmas is our favorite time of year and it is fast approaching. It is already time to be stocking up on the gifts for the travel fanatics in your life. We know it can be difficult to find them just the right gift. They don’t need much because they are always on the road. Don’t you worry, we have come up with a few things we think they would love whilst on their travel adventure.

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1. Luggage

You can never go wrong with buying luggage for those travel lovers in your life. They will need somewhere to carry their possessions anyway. Why not give them a Christmas give they can use for their travels. Amazon carries a variety of different styles of luggage which will make them say why didn’t I think of that.


2. Backpacks

For the travelers who travel light, backpacks are always a great gift idea for Christmas. Backing in Europe and staying in different places? You need to travel light. Having a backpack makes it easy to move around since you will pretty much always be on the go.


3. Go Pro

gift for Christmas

For the Camera loving travel lover in your life, the Go Pro is the perfect gift for Christmas. Traveling all over the world is an adventure. Being able to capture the memories of those travels makes it even better. Give them the Christmas gift they will appreciate forever.


4. Scratch Off Travel Maps

gifts for christmas

A perfect Christmas gift for that travel fanatic in your life would be a scratch-off travel map. Travelers love keeping track of where they traveled to and have a may where they can scratch off their travels can be quite exciting. These maps cover some of the most remote places, so wherever your travel crazy friend or family have been, this will be an easy and fun way to tick it off their bucket list.

5. Mac Book Air

Christmas gifts

Here is a gift that will really spoil your travel crazy family member. Most of these travelers are usually travel bloggers so giving them a Mac Book will be the gift of a lifetime. Being able to write whilst traveling would be amazing for them. Give them the Christmas gift that they will be able to use throughout the year.

6. Smartphone Angle Pro Lens

christmas gifts for travel lovers

The world is at their fingertips, why not give them the gift for Christmas that will brighten up their day. The smartphone  Angle Pro Lens allows them to take pictures with their smartphone, making them look like true photographers. Who knows you can help them make some money with their amazing HD quality pictures with companies like Zazzle. Give them the gift that just keeps on giving this Christmas.


7. Kindle

Christmas gifts for your travel fanatics

Being on the road, sometimes you want to get lost in a book. Giving a Kindle as a  Christmas gift for your travel lovers will allow them to travel and have another adventure right in their backpack. Having the almost paper light kindle allows your travels to travel light and not carry all these bulky books around. Give them the gift of having two adventures in one.  I promise they will love you for it.


8. Travel Pillow

Christmas gifts for travellers

There is nothing better than taking a good rest before you get to your destination whilst traveling. Why not give the Christmas gift of well almost perfect sleep to that travel lover in your family. Having a travel pillow will make it easier on their neck as they hit the air again. Having the middle seat on the plane can be a pain. Make them comfortable by giving this perfect gift.


9.  Drones

One of the things travelers enjoy the most is seeing the place they are visiting from above. There is something about having an overview from high up that fascinating. Give them the Christmas gift that will give them just that. A drone will make that perfect Christmas gift for travelers.


10. Iphone Waterproof Case

Most of the time these travelers love traveling to places where there is water. Of course they will want to take some videos and pictures from under  the water. Giving them an Iphone Waterproof Case for Christmas makes perfect sense. Give them the gift of beautiful pictures and keeping their phones dry at the same time.


11. Airbnb Giftcards

Geting an Airbnb gift card would be one of the best Christmas gifts for the traveler in your life. Accomadation can get expensive whilst traveling. Having not to worry about where you are going to rest your head for a few nights for a few night gives them that piece of mind. Give your traveler the Christmas gift of Airbnb. trust me you wont regret it.


12. Headlamp

You never know where your adventourous travel may end up next . Get them the Christmas gift that will always keep them prepared for electricity outage in these third world countries. Get them a headlamp for their adventure into the caves Western Cape South Africa. They are not that expensive so you can always get them  a couple so they can light their way through their conquests.


13. Travel Passport Wallet

Your travelers are always on the go , so giving them the Travel passport wallet for Christmas will give them some organization in their on their go lifestyle. Hanving everything that they need for the airport whilst traveling can make their lives so much simplier.


Christmas isnt far away and getting those Christmas gifts for those travel lovers in your life out of the way will free up some time to spend with them before they are off afain to another adventure. We hope this list will make it easier for you to give them the best gift posible. Hope you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!!!


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  1. Great list! However, as a traveller, I would suggest that people either know me and my preferences well or find out what I want, while aiming for things like luggage and backpacks. Often many people who travel a lot know exactly how they want their stuff to be. I love travel wallets though!!!! They’re really handy.

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