13 Creatives Ways to Make Money Whilst Travelling

Are you getting tired of the 9 to 5 Monday to Friday everyday routine? Most of us are. Don’t you just want to be free and just travel and get paid to do so? Guess what, Now you can, and it is easier than you think. We have come up with some creative ways you can make money whilst traveling.


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1. Sell Your Photography

We all have the latest iPhones or Samsungs with the most amazing camera, so why not use it to get paid whilst traveling. You will be using that selfie stick and you will be taking pictures of your travel anyways so be creative and show your social media following how beautiful the world is.

There are so many companies that will literally pay you for your photography. Shutterstock and Zazzle are one of the biggest companies that pay you for your work. So get out there and take those world class photos and make some money whilst you are having the time of your life.



2. Drive For Uber

Uber has become a worldwide taxi service and lets’ face it, almost anyone can become a driver. As long as you have a valid drivers license and a car with your when you travel, you should be all set.  

You don’t have to spend your whole time driving people around, but take part of the day, use your GPS, and get to know different parts of the country you are visiting. Its a win for you as well. You never know where your trip may take you. You get to make some money whilst traveling and get to visit some secret gems. I say go for it. There’s nothing to lose there.


3. Rent Out your Home On AirBnB

Renting out your home on Airbnb is an easy way to make money whilst traveling. You are not using your home anyway, so why not let someone else use it in the meantime and get paid to pretty much travel.

Airbnb makes it easy to rent out your home on their website. The great thing about them is that both you and the person renting out your home must have a profile to sign up. That means you can make the decision whether or not you want that particular person in your home.

4. Write a Travel Blog

You are out there enjoying the world, wind in your hair, and sand at your feet. The world wants to hear about it. Why not tell them in a travel blog. Share your every experience, the activities you did, the places you visited, the food you ate. People would love to know all these things for when they decide to go to that particular place.

Now you may be asking, how do I make money out of that. Lucky for you there are so many ways to use your travel blog to make some money. You can become an affiliate with companies like Expedia, Trip Advisor, and even CheapOair to give your audience some great deals on flights and advice on things to do and places to eat. 

make money whilst traveling
                                           Source: The Travel Writing Life

5. House Sitting

You want to travel but accommodation can get so expensive. Trust me, I know. There has to be a better way. Saving some money whilst traveling on your accommodation would give you extra money to do some of the things you love to do.

Here’s an idea, why not house sit. There are so many people looking for house sitters to look after their homes and their pets. You can sign up through different programs like HouseSit Match. This Program allows you to find the perfect home to stay in whilst traveling, and its also vice versa, if you are looking for someone to look after your home whilst you traveling.

6. Teach Any Language

The great thing about this world is that not everyone speaks the same language, and the even better thing is that some people want to learn different languages. Traveling to a country where they only speak Spanish, why not teach English.

Now you are thinking how can I teach a language and still travel? Well, that’s the great thing about the world wide web. Now you can teach online through Skype. Make it a business and earn some cash whilst on your travels. If you are a traveler who is just looking to travel to one country for a long period of time you can always apply for teaching abroad programs. Companies like GoAbroad.com has a great program to connect with different travel opportunities and teaching programs. 

7. Write For Travel Websites

Travel Blogger gets so busy trying to promote their blog. They are always looking for someone to write their article on a particular country. Why not take advantage of that and make some money whilst traveling.

There is always work on websites like Fiverr and Upwork. You could never run out of jobs to do. Just create a profile and let the work find you. You are traveling in the country they want to write about. They would love to see it through your eyes. The words come easier when you can see what you are writing about. You are already doing what you love, why not get paid to travel.

make money whilst traveling
                                   Source: Dream Of Travel Writing

8. Apply For a Work Visa

In most countries, you will need a visa to work, so if you’re planning on spending a longer period of time in a certain country, you may want to apply for a visa so you can fund your travels.

You never know where your next place of residence may be so it won’t hurt to have a work visa if you do decide to change where you want to live for the next couple years. You can also apply for a working holiday visa. Certain countries like Canada, Singapore, France Germany and so on, allows you to apply for these visas in some cases if you are between the ages of 18 to 30 or 35 depending on the country.

9. Affiliate Marketing through Social Media

Everything is done on Social Media nowadays. Why not make some money through it whilst traveling. You can promote pretty much anything on social media, from a flight to your favorite city to promoting audiobooks and swimsuits online.

Become a social media influencer. You are already a traveler, and your audience loves your pictures. So why not make your Facebook and Instagram make you some money whilst traveling. Sign up through affiliate programs like Flex offers and ShareASale. They offer some of the best commissions. You share your travels stories anyway, so why not get paid to do what you love.

making money whilst traveling
                                            Source: Affiliate Marketer Training 

10. Use Your Skill

We all have something that we are great at doing. It could be cutting hair, or taking great photographs. Why not use your skill to make money whilst you travel. We think that we have to save up for that big travel, but we already have the skill to make that extra money to do that exciting tour in St.Lucia.

Making money whilst traveling does not have to be hard. You might have already been working in a field whiles back home. Don’t let traveling stop you from your other passion. Take it with you, whether you are a chef, a massage therapist or a scuba diver instructor. There are many programs you can use to help you find work whilst you travel.

11. Work in The Travel Industry

Working in a travel industry is a great way to make money whilst traveling. You can choose from many travel jobs. Think of being an air hostess for a large company like West Jet. They travel all over the world and most times have stopovers in the most fascinating countries. Working does not have to be a bad thing when you get to travel all over the world.

Working on a cruise ship comes with many perks as well. You get to socialize with people from all cracks of the world. Seeing the world through the eyes of different people can be amazing. Companies like Cruise Direct are great places to find employment.

12. Learn a trade

In today’s world, you can learn almost anything online. Wheather it is to cook a world-class meal or design a website, the world wide web is at your fingertips. Why not use this to make money whilst you travel. 

There are many people today who stay right in the comfort of their living room and do what they love to do. Learn to day trade, write about something that you love, create a travel blog. So many opportunities to make money and enjoy life through travel.

13. Work Remotely

Who says you have to stay in a cold country to do what you love to do. There are many companies that will allow you to take your work with. Look for companies who also have departments in a country you would love to live in.

Doing jobs like being an entrepreneur, or being an architect allows you to have a little more freedom. So try looking into jobs like that interest you. There are so many things that you can do. 

making money whilst travelling
                                                    Source: Medium


We as travelers don’t only have one passion, so why limit yourself to just doing one. The world is so amazing and I know I want to visit every part of it if I could. How about you? Don’t you want to see what wonders this beautiful world has to offer? Then pack your bags and start a life of adventure and make money whilst you do so.


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