10 Creative Ways To Save For Your next Vacation to St. Lucia

Saving for any vacation is essential but sometimes it can be hard to keep those dollars in your pocket, so we’ve come up with some creative ways that might help you save some extra spending money to get the most out of your St.Lucia  vacation.

Open up a dedicated savings account

A great way of keeping your spending money safe is putting it into a dedicated savings account, like a tax free savings account, so it would not be as easy to remove the funds. That way you will be able to actually see how much you have and how much you still need to save and it makes it harder to accidentally spend.

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Spend nothing for two months 

Choose two months out of the year where you try to spend money on only the essentials of getting through your daily life. Pack lunches instead of visiting the local sandwich shop at work,make your coffee from home instead of buying that $4 macchiato. Take a reusable water bottle instead of buying one in a vending machine, or go to a friends house instead of going out for that Sunday afternoon brunch. You’ll be surprised at how much you will actually manage to save and put straight into your vacation fund.


Change Jar 

An oldie but a goodie the reliable change jar. You always have some  change from the grocery, or that quick bite to eat , why not drop that in your jar.Another place  change is always getting lost is  in the dryer after that laundry cycle. There is always  change falling out of   your husband’s jeans, he won’t miss it , so add that to your change jar.   Have one sitting by your front door and empty your pockets of change as you go by, or somewhere that will remind you to do so. Extra points if you get one that has to be smashed open making it harder to delve into for a cheeky chocolate bar from the store.

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Free activities

Instead of spending money on activities whether it’s with the kids or by yourself, look out for free or really cheap things to do in your area. Sign-up to newsletters or join a few facebook groups to keep yourself in the know and able to take advantage of them.


Get everyone saving

If you are travelling with kids you will know all too well the extra cost and extra saving you will have to do, so make them save as well. If they get pocket money help them keep some aside, not only will it help you but teach them the importance of saving money for when they grow up too.

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Cashback sites

If you are going to be buying things online especially if it’s already for your holiday, check out a few cashback sites like Top Cash Back or Quidco. You might as well get some money back to put into the vacation fund when you were already going to buy it. Get a credit card that has cashback rewards. pay all you bills with that one credit card and pay it back right away. In that way  you are building a better credit score, and getting some cash back for your trip whiles you do so. That’s a win win for me .



Running a car can be an expensive way of getting around so when it’s possible, get those feet moving. Not only will it save some money, help you burn those extra carbs and help make you feel more confident about flaunting your gorgeous body, you worked so hard  for whilst at the beach on vacation .

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Stick to your Budget

It’s very easy to make a budget , that hardest part is sticking to it. First thing you will need to know  is how much it will cost you for your vacation. Once you have figured out, try writing all you expenses on a spreadsheet. Total all of your monthly bill and any thing that is left over can go towards your travel . You will have to live a very strict lifestyle, no cheating for that morning coffee or that late afternoon snack . Trust me stick to your budget and you can get all the bonbons you can possibly eat on your well deserved vacation.


Save on Accommodation

Living expenses can go very high . Looking at rent/mortgage , electricity bill, groceries and so on. here’s a way you can cut on expenses, why not have a roommate that can cut your cost of living in almost half. That way you have money to save for your trip and maybe get a few clothing items along the way.


Exchange rates 

The last thing you want is to be working hard to save for your trip for a portion of it to be lost when changing currencies. Do your research especially in the months coming up to your leaving date to get the most bang for your buck.

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I hope this list will help you out with you paradise vacation to St.Lucia, and you can use it for all of you other travel needs.

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